Saturday, 9 July 2011

Where has the time gone?

It's been awhile.
Working like a dog at the moment so haven't had time to do fuck all. Still studying to become a plumber. About a third of the way through the course and am now awaiting a date to go on the first residential part of it.
Still working with Dave. He's just taken on a massive job, renovating a big fuck off house and I've been helping him. We're installing new bathrooms (two) and a new kitchen amongst other things. Also got several smaller jobs on the go so the two of us are spread pretty thin most days.
I've also taken on an evening job to pay for the plumbing course. I'm working for a logistics/freight Company as a fork truck driver.
As some of you will know I gave up smoking last year after 30 years and have been piling on the pounds ever since. When I started this job I had to buy a couple of pairs of 36 inch jeans because I had got so fat. I was even considering borrowing one of my Daughters training bras, my man boobs were getting that big. So, I'm working at this Company and one of the boys doesn't show so the Manager asks if I'll cover for this guy. I say "no problem, what do you want me to do"?
Quick background check, lorries come in, I unload them then people unload the pallets/cages and put the parcels on conveyor belts which are then sorted into towns/cities, re/palletised and sent back out a few hours later. I covered the guy who was unloading the pallets/cages.
I have never worked so fucking hard in my life!
After twenty minutes there was enough sweat on me to shave a bear.I went home that evening and could hardly walk from my car to my front door, I was so fucked.
I went in the next evening and asked my Manager if I could swap jobs with the kid who did the unloading. He laughed but when he realised I was serious came to a compromise. I still do a bit on the fork truck but now help whoever is loading.
In the last month I've lost over a stone in weight but also am now quite toned. My man boobs have gone and I'm in the same sort of shape I was in when I could bench press my own body weight. I've still got a bit of a stomach, drinking ten pints of Cider four nights a week doesn't help but I'm now back down to a 34 inch waist and can squeeze into some of my old 32 inch jeans. And I get paid to do this! If a health club guaranteed I would lose this much in a month I would have paid the World.
Talking of World, good to see the News of the World bite the dust. Gutter press at it's worst. If you live outside the UK and are unsure what I'm on about read this latest update.

Hardly played any poker recently, just haven't had the time. I did watch my old mucker Davy gravy online last Sunday though. Check him out.