Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Good weekend

As the title says, it's been a good weekend. Wales won which is always a decent sign and then these landed-

If only all weekends were like this.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

When your luck is in

Went to Les Croupiers on Friday night for the £20 freezeout which in now a rebuy. The fact you could rebuy made it play more like a hyper turbo with people going all in by level two with fuck all. I tried to make a couple of moves but with people getting it in light and missing every flop I was leaking chips quicker than Usain Bolt being chased by a pride of Lions.

I finally managed a double up when my flush got there against a smaller one and by the end of the rebuy period I had an average stack size. Nothing seemed to be going my way though and an hour later I was sitting at the cash tables after having to fold a few decent hands when I had missed everything and finally getting it in with bottom set against a bigger one.

When I joined the cash table there were three seats I could have sat at. I chose one for no ther reason than I could see the Television better, Within half an hour the two people who sat at the remaining seats were up over £500 in one and £200 in the other whilst I was down £50. This was playing £1 £1 NLHE. After rebuying for another £100 I managed to dust it all off when I thought I had the best hand with KQ on a Q82 flop and the guy who was up £500 took it all with the magical 82o. When your luck is in.

Deciding to call it a night I strolled past the roulette and had a cheeky tenner on a few numbers. One came in so I sat down and fired at a few more. After a while an Indian guy placed three ten pound chips on 0, 23 and 30 and 23 came in. I know because that was one of my numbers. The Croupier gave him £350 and he walked away leaving his tenner still on 23. Fuck me silly if it didn't come in twice more. So there I was sat with a couple of hundred which just about made me even for the night and opposite me, sat in front on no one in particular is £700. I decide to cash out and on my way to the cage I see the Indian guy and tell him he has £700 sat on the roulette table. I watch him walk over and pick it up and there's no fist pumping or anything just a wry smile. I guess when your luck is in you just get on with it.

I mentioned a couple of posts ago if anyone thought if a few pictures I had seen were real or not. I guess this one wasn't.

Wonder what the next thing will be that we are going to see on the top of that hotel?


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

So today

has been a good day.

Also had Huddersfield at 9's on Betfair. If only it was always this easy.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Weekend washout

Weekend was absolutely wank. From Wales getting handed their arse by Ireland to the 49'ers not getting it done in the Superbowl I managed to punt one loser after another. Onwards and upwards.

Can't work out if these are real or not? Let me know what you think.

This is supposed to be on the roof of the seven star hotel in Dubai. There doesn't appear to be any netting around the court. Makes it a long walk to get your ball back.

Swimming pool balcony's. Seems like a real dangerous and stupid idea or is that just me?

The Hoff in a Welsh shirt? Is that why we've gone shit so quickly?

Answers on a post card please.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

WTF, I've been playing Poker

My old Computer blew up last year, probably in September but I cannot quite remember exactly when. So it was with heavy heart I trudged down to an indie computer shop and bought a new system. Fast forward five months and the gayest poker mincer on the planet whose blog is now invite only for some fucking reason runs a comp on RTR and I have to ship him $20 on Stars for it. That's when I realised I hadn't downloaded one single Poker site on my new computer.

After loading up Stars and trying a thousand possible combinations of what my Username and password could be I finally deposit £25 and ship him the dollars. A week later and the $19 I had left has now been spun up to $104 playing £3 and $7, 45 man turbo SNG's.

If I carry on at this rate I'll be a millionaire by October.

Here's a few hands I posted on RTR which I thought were quite interesting in a Steve Davis kind of way. Feel free to add a comment or even better, sign up with Raise the River if you already haven't and post on there. Hands 1 and 2, hand 3 and hand 4.

I'm quite happy with the way I'm playing at the moment, getting it in good and not tilting when the beats hit. I think the $7 games are quite good but the $3 ones are a coin flip in the later stages. Either that or I'm running good in one and shit in the other.

Whilst I'm on the subject of Poker, the APAT Worlds are on in March and a few of the RTR boys will be there. If you fancy going then here's the thread.

Will be back later to edit a few Football bets. Superbowl on as well this weekend so I'm guaranteed a decent win from that.


Here's my bets for today.

On Watford and Rotherham over 2.5 goals for £25.

BTTS accy Newcastle, Fulham, West Brom, MK Dons and Stockport

Over 2.5 accy Fulham, West Brom, Ipswich, Watford, Rotherham and Stockport.

Lucky 15

The Bear trap 3.45 Fos Llas
Renoyr 1.00 Wetherby
Tweedledrum 2.45 Wetherby
Plein Pouvoir 3.00 Sandown

Lucky 15

Reading 2-2
Dusseldorf 1-1
Yeovil 1-1
Ross County 1-1

If the last one comes in then I'll be a happy man no matter what happens in the Rugby today.