Friday, 31 August 2012

£20 to £1k the hard way

Going to try and spin £20 up to a decent four figure sum on the over 1.5 goal market. It will take about 20 bets and I'll try to post them all here.

Bet 1. Halmstad £20 at 1.23

Bet 2. Helmond Sport £24.60 at 1.2

Easy game, both in by half time.

Bet 3. W.B.A. £29 at 1.34

Bet 4. Rayo Vallecano £39 at 1.32

Good luck.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

ECOAP, carnage in Nottingham No Cash style

Last weekend at DTD saw the European Championships of Amateur Poker which I decided to attend mainly because Blackpool's finest, No Cash and Awesome Hutch were going to be there plus I fancied playing a live Stud event.

I pitched up on Friday and took my seat with 34 others in the Stud Championship. I've played 7 card Stud quite a bit online and if you trawl back through some of my posts you'll see me binking a few HORSE and HOSE tourneys. You'll quite often see pots taken down with two pair in Stud, even one pair when a couple of players are drawing heavily and have lots of chips invested in the hand and both miss on 7th street. So I was quite gutted to lose with a full house to a bigger one, a straight into a heavily concealed flush and then my rolled up three's into rolled up sevens. All this to the same guy who you could say owned me but I think he was quite fortunate the lucky twat.Tail between legs I headed to the bar for a few Strongbows and hit a £1 £1 cash table. The action was pretty good although they were all local players and I finally left at 4.00 am with the grand sum of an extra £20 in my pocket.

The next day was the six max and I had already been warned by No Cash that he and Hutch were on the piss all day and no prisoners were being taken. We started off at 1 pm with a cheeky pint in Frankie and Bennys because DTD wasn't opening 'til two. As soon as we got in it was straight on the 'Bow again. Hutch busted first and headed straight to a cash game. I'm not sure what time Dave and I bust but I then watched in awe at just how lucky he fucking is.
First off he walks past a roulette table and places a fiver on 13. It binks for £180. Then he sits on the lucky pair Blackjack with a ton. This heads south until he has a tenner left. He then puts a fiver in the box and a fiver in the lucky pairs. 3s 3s, for a 30/1 payout. He finally stands up £380 ahead. Then he puts a tenner on black on the roulette, leaves it there for 3 spins and walks away with another £80. All this in the space of half an hour. Jammiest twat alive.

Hutch on the other hand was having a tough time having Aces cracked by Jacks for a £700 pot so we decided to head into Nottingham for a few more Ciders because having already had ten was nowhere near enough? The rest of the evening is a drunken blur. At one stage we were drinking Jaegerbombs but instead of Red Bull we were using Sambuca???? I'm sure that can't be right, but with No Cash anything is possible. He disappeared towards the end of the evening which left Hutch having to pin me against a wall as I kept on falling off the stool I was sitting on. I have no idea what time I got back to my hotel but I awoke with the hangover from hell and facing 12 hours of playing cards in the Main Event.

I got to DTD to find No Cash waiting for me with a Cider and Ice instead of Soda and ice. Superb. Seeing as he was going to stay sober I was surprised to see he had a pint of Guinness in his hand. The first few hours were torture. I managed to get up to $20k but was card dead. Whenever I played a hand I missed the flop big style and couldn't bring myself to fire another bullet. Basically, I played like a right twat. Finally, about six hours in, I raised AK up and hit a king on the flop. A guy fired at the blank turn, I raised and he put me all in. I called and he turned over pocket 2,s. No need to tell you the river.

I headed to the bar a broken and dejected man. Shortly I was joined by RTR regular Ant1966. We had a good chat about life in general. No Cash turned up not long after which wasn't surprising. He had run his $15k starting stack up to $40k, down to $15k and back up to $38k so I was expecting him to either make a run for it or totally blow up. I should have known which when I took him a pint to his table and he had three on the go??? He headed to the cash tables and I sat with Ant for awhile and then started talking to a Welsh guy who lives the opposite end to me. As is always the case we found we had mutual friends and a little while later I discovered he posted on Blonde which I regularly read. So Dewi Cool and I shot the breeze for an hour or so before he headed back to his hotel. Nice to meet you mate, next drinks on me.

Hutch was taking the main event seriously i.e. not drinking so I wandered off to find No Cash. He was on a £1 £1 hold 'em table and had £450 in front of him. The next time I saw him he was on a £1 £1 Omaha table with £1100 in front of him? He reckons he's gifted. I just think he's the luckiest man alive.

That was the last time I saw the two fish as Dave was mullered and Hutch wanted to hit his bed to give himself a shot at the main event on Monday. I played cash for a bit before heading back for a five hour kip and a three hour drive to Cardiff. Hutch went deep in the Main event finishing fourteenth I believe. I'm sure he'll post on his blog about it. No Cash stayed sober and played the £50 Omaha side event. He of course binked it for £1500. I'm sure he only won it out of spite because I didn't have 5% of him in that event. You can read some more about it with photos here and here .

Have a good one folks, thanks for reading.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Number 31

If only that was true.

Cardiff City home tonight against newly promoted Huddersfield. Having a cheeky £100 at 5/6. Come on you Bluebirds Red Dragons?????????

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Bye Bye RVP

Break a leg!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Missing the Olympics

Yet again my best intentions of updating this blog went out the window for no apparent reason. Worst of all, I missed a post from Mo that he was going to be in Gods Country. Maybe next time.

Been watching the Olympics religiously and the GB team were incredible. The BBC weren't too shabby either. You can actually go on their Sport website and view any event until Jan 2013.

I think the best part of the coverage was the commentators. I only wish they would now revamp Match of the Day. Tell Lineker to fuck off and replace him with Claire Balding. Bye Bye John Motson hello Steve Cram and Brendan Foster (one day all commentators will be Geordie). Take Hanson, Lawrenson Shearer and Co out back and shoot them, bring in Michael Johnson, Denise Lewis and Colin Jackson. Christ, I might even stay in and watch that.

In other news I've started training again. Bought an Exercise bike and am currently up to 100 km a week. Still look fat as fuck though!