Saturday, 27 November 2010

New favourite team

I've found a new footie team to support. Check out this blog. Awesome.
Off out to watch Wales get handed their arses by New Zealand. Could be the most embarrassing 80 minutes of Rugby ever. Luckily, I'll be so drunk by kick off I'll probably have no recollection of the game.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Just fan bloody tastic

Supposed to be going to Leurven in Belgium tonight/early hours of Saturday with a posse of Rugby mates for a 50th Birthday bash. All day Rugby tournament at Leurven Rugby Club and a free bar in the night. We're even sleeping in the Club so it's drink as much Stella as you can and then pass out. One snag. Guess where we're flying from? Fucking Birmingham airport where all flights have just been cancelled.
I hope the guys who crashed are okay but why today you fucking twats?

Saturday, 13 November 2010


I had this comment from JT regarding my previous post plus one.

Hi there!

I'm honoured that you consider me the 2nd greatest poker player from Wales, I guess that means you didn't see me play the world open last night on channel 5!

Regarding my latest business,, I feel there are a few issues I ought to clear up. Firstly, users are able to place bidbots which places their bids for them whilst they are playing online, sleeping or just don't want to manually place the bids. They are able to select how many bids to use and at what price for it to be triggered.

The users involved in last nights crazy battle spend a lot on image building so they do not face much resistance in future auctions. The winner in the auction you talked about was user rje8686 and although he paid over the rrp for this prize his reputation as a fearless bidder has made him thousands of dollars of profit which he himself has posted his results on the twoplustwo forums.

We are currently awarding all new signups with 10 dollars worth of free bids to try the site. Give it a go ;)

Best of luck,

John Tabatabai

I know a lot of people have put links up for this site, I have gone one step further and registered. I can also confirm that I have succesfully bid for 3 x Tournament tickets for Poker Stars (1 x $22 and 2 x $11) and paid the princely sum of $1.01 for the three of them. Two have been transferred into my Stars account allready and the third should be there today. $1.01 is the least you can bid for any item.
Normally if something looks to good to be true there's a catch. This time there isn't. Click this link
and look who won the $11 Stars ticket at the bottom of the page and for how much.
Played at the local casino last night in a £15 freezeout (misheard my mate, thought he said £50) and came 7/103 for £70. It's play like that which will always leave JT trailing in my wake as Wales' No. 1 :)
Hope this clears everything up John and I await that $1k you and Pud promised me.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Work life balance

I'm just about to finish two weeks of the most mind numbingly, repetitive, boring work I've ever done in my life and I've absolutely loved it. No deadlines. No people to manage. No bosses looking over your shoulder. No meetings to chair or attend. No customers to appease. It's been fucking great. If only the pay didn't reflect how shitty the job was I'd ask if I could do it full time.
Next week I'm working for Dave which should be a laugh. He's got about five properties on the go and they are all in various stages of not being anywhere near finished so that he can rent them out. I'm not sure what he thinks I'm going to be doing but I plan on doing a bit of painting and reading the papers all day. The best thing about working with Dave though is no Monday mornings or Friday afternoons. I sometimes wonder how the fucker makes any money at all.
My Sister in laws Fiftieth tomorrow which means I'm going to miss Wales v South Africa as we are going to some Rick Stein Restaurant for food. I will, of course, sit there scowling all day wishing I was sitting in the Millennium Stadium but the one good thing is her Son, my Nephew, has started playing Rugby so I'll probably sneak him into some bar to watch the game.
Going to the casino after work tonight for a £50 freezeout. Poker has been a bit up and down the last few weeks so I'm hoping for a decent placing.
Next week, my Missus and I have to take my Daughter and eight of her mates to see the Harry Potter film. I'm absolutely fucking estactic about it. Next Saturday though I'm off to Leurven in Belgium for a fiftieth birthday bash. Now why couldn't my Sister in law have her bash at the home of Stella?

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Bots - who would have them and other shameless plugs.

I've just been on the Bidibot site which is something to do with John Tabatabai, the second greatest poker player from Wales after yours truly and it's all going horribly wrong for two guys. There's an $150 Betfair credit and two people, or more to the point, two bots have now bid over $500 on it. Yep, that's right, two bots have made bids of $250 each on an $150 credit. Bots, who would have them? I've had one winning bid and I'll let you know if I have any problems.
My Daughter was 12 today which means twelve years ago I was the drunkest man in Cardiff. Somethings never change. Seeing as I'm plugging Bidibot I might as well plug the best restaurant in Cardiff . There's actually a chain of them so there might be one near you. Pay them a visit, the food is superb.
Here's my favourite gamblers site . His footie tips are great and his basketball ones are better.
All the best folks and thanks for dropping by.