Thursday, 29 January 2009

Some things I never knew

Just googled Glasgow and here's some interesting facts.

If sport interests you, Glasgow is home to the two biggest football teams in Europe - Rangers and Celtic (or maybe that should be the other way round - Celtic and Rangers) and you can visit both grounds - Ibrox & Parkhead (Celtic Park). Scotland's national football stadium - Hampden is also sited in Glasgow and stadium visits can be made there too.
The two biggest football teams in Europe? I wonder where Real Madrid, Barcelona, Man Utd and Cardiff City figure in that equation.
Also, the 8th most popular tourist attraction last year was a Cemetry!
Anyhow, Up at 4.30 tomorrow morning to go to work. Expect most of you will just be finishing up on the tables about then. Leave work at two and fly at 1/2 three. Should be on the piss by five. Probably sleeping by seven.
Last time I was in Glasgow was for the Scotland v Wales rugby about twenty years ago. There was about a dozen of us in a pub when all these Ranges supporters came in. A few of the boys had Welsh (red and white) scarves on which seemed to antagonise the Rangers lads. Finally, one walked over and asked where we were from. Funnily, the place I'm from sounds like Aberdeen. All hell broke loose. Just when it seemed a ruck was inevitable and as we were all rugby lads and not adverse to throwing the odd punch, one of my mates said some thing along the lines of "come on then you Scottish twat". This guy looked at my mate and said "where are you from then"? To which my mate replied "Wales, where do you think I'm from"? Five minutes later we're all having a drink together and having a right laugh. Lucky escape for them!!
Best part of the trip involved a guy called Plug. We used to all put money in a kitty and the winner was the one who pulled the least attractive (pc friendly) lady. Plug won this little competition every tour we went on so was excluded. The owner of the B & B we stayed at had warned us on the first night not to bring women back. On the Saturday night the guy in charge of the kitty was walking back to the B & B and spied Plug in this chip shop with the largest woman you can imagine. Mikey walked in and threw the money at Plug whilst berating him about standards and morals. Plug just smiled. An hour later he's bedding this lovely when the Owner started hammering his bedroom door. Plug opened up and said "what's your problem"? The owner went berserk, whingeing about the no women rule so Plug led him in, pulled back the sheets and asked him "do you call that a woman"? The owner left, shaking his head and laughing like a drain.
The next morning Plug asked this girl if he could keep her knickers. "Do you want them as a trophy" she asked? "No, I want them to put over my windscreen to keep the frost off" was his romantic reply.
Shame he isn't coming with us this time.
Won a few cash hands yesterday and cashed in a couple of SNG's for small stakes. Going to have a punt for an hour then off to bed.
All the best guys and thanks for the replies. Hopefully the next post will be Monday and I'm pretty sure I'll have a couple of stories to share.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009


1. I've noticed some people have "site meters" but I can't for the life of me find one on my gadget list. Anyone know where I can find one?

2. I believe there is a way of finding out who reads your blog, where they are from etc. Anyone know how?

3. How do you increase the size of the photo's you use like the one on the left?

4. How do you use video clips on your blog?

5. Sometimes when I play Poker I can soul read people. I instinctively know if people will fold, can spot a bluff from 1000 yards and can gauge just how much extra I can bet to keep people in the pot when I'm holding the nuts. Other times I'm plain crap. Anybody have days like these?

6. Am I the only person who has never read a Poker book?

7. Am I the only player who doesn't use Hud, Sharkscope or things like that?

8. Anyone know of any live games in Cardiff?

10. What are the best sites to satellite into live tournaments?

11. Ulrika, why?

12. Do Man Utd have the ugliest team in World sport?

13. Shemale - would you?

14. Why are Leeds doing so shite in League 1?

15. Sopranos or 24?

16. New series of Minder, can it ever be as good as the original?

17. Cheryl Cole or Megan Fox?

18. Does anyone know of anybody who has actually been with twins?

19. Debbie Dingle, Jasmine, Maria - all barking mad. Why?

20. Reality TV - yes or no?

Feel free to answer any or none of the above. Would certainly welcome any answers on the first few questions regarding the blog.

Anyhow, was shopping tonight with my missus and her sister and I overheard them talking. We were in Tescos and my Missus picked up this huge potato and said to her sister "reminds me of rubbish's balls" Her sister looked impressed and said "that big" to which my missus replied "no, that dirty".


Monday, 26 January 2009


Really struggling today.

Went out at 11 ish yesterday morning and my local was absolutely heaving. It's quite a big Cardiff City pub and full of charachters who have followed City all their lives. Being a Gooner I kept a low profile although most of the boys know who I support.

Went to the game and it was bouncing in Ninian Park. Not sure if the atmosphere came across on the TV but it was electric. City should have scored a few in the first half and Arsenal cruised through the second half and probably could have stepped up a few gears if they had to.

Gutted at the end as I had a £20 double on 1-1 in that match and 'Pool v Everton.

Back in the pub and great news when Wasps lost to Castre meaning the Ospreys would definately qualify for the last eight in the Heineken Cup. A nice easy trip to Munster now awaits.

Poker wise I had a crap day on Saturday. Was up a few dollars and left the table so I could nip out the back garden for a smoke. When I sat back down I noticed the "are you sure you want to leave" box up, so sat back in the game. Lost three hands to the same guy all pretty sick. AK on an AK7 flop when he turned over 77. Then AQ on an Q23 flop when he turned over 23 and finally 1010 running into AA. The sooner I can deposit the better.

Thanks to everyone who made a comment on the last post. Anyone else who wants linking up, leave your address.

Been feeling rough all day and haven't been well since New Years Eve. By three o'clock I was struggling so bad I made an appointment to see the doctor. By five I'm sitting in her office and she takes one look at me and says "Mr Rubbish, you're going to have to stop masturbating". I look at her and ask "why", to which she replies "because I'm trying to examine you".


Saturday, 24 January 2009


I've been reading a few blogs recently so thought I would set my own up and here it is.

A few of the ones that I have been reading are listed to the right and if your blog is on there then please feel free to list mine. If your blog isn't listed then post a comment and I'll do the honours.

Haven't played much poker recently because I withdrew most of my banks just before Christmas. I blew a load on a car for Mrs Rubbish and bought my Daughter a Nintendo Wii with Wii Sports and a load of other games. I also bought three new TV's, why I'm not sure. I got myself a new set of Titelist irons, a Taylor Made R7 and a Wilson deep red putter. Hopefully I will be able to get on the Golf course soon, weather permitting.

I'm also in the process of changing banks after I was a victim of Identity fraud. I eventually got my money back but the hassle I had convinced me to close the account and go elsewhere. I therefore can't deposit at the moment so am playing freerolls which are a bit of a donkfest and am also rolling my $0.95 up to a decent amount on Betfair by playing $0.02/$0.04 cash games. My best money earners though are STT's and MTT's but I haven't got a roll to play them yet.

I'll probably be depositing in February and am looking to open accounts at ipoker and Full Tilt which I haven't played on before. If anyone knows of other sites which offer decent opening bonuses then let me know.

Off to Glasgow next weekend for a stag do. If any Glaswegians or people who have been there recently read this, then post which bars/clubs are worth a visit.

Watched some of the Cardiff Blues game last night who looked pretty good. I've a part time job there which means I'm in for a busy few months with the EDF, Heineken Cup and move to the new stadium. Also off to see Cardiff City play the gunners tomorrow. Being a closet gooner I may have to pray for a draw so that I can get home in one piece.

Anyhow, off to the Premature ejaculation societys annual dinner tonight. Haven't a clue why it comes so early in the year. Rang the guy up who organises it to ask if it was formal wear but he told me to just come in my pants.

Have a good one.