Friday, 24 July 2009

A few questions

This one's for Animal if he drops by or anyone else who plays online poker.
5c/10c, I'm dealt As Kc Jc 9c which is a very good starting hand. 1 caller, MP raises to 50c, I'm mp+1 and call everyone else folds. $1.25 in the pot and flop comes 8c 10c Qh giving me nut straight with numerous draws, nut second flush draw and straight flush draw. MP bets 30c which is weak in my opinion but don't want to scare him off so call. Turn 4c giving me second flush and still straight flush draw. He again bets 30c, I call, River is blank and he bets pot. I'm thinking he's trying to buy pot after two weak continuation bets so raise him all in. He calls and turns over Ac 5c and two rags.
Did I play this really badly or did he play it really well? Did he play it really badly and did I play it really well and was just unlucky? Can you get away from this after calling pre flop or should I have gone straight over the top of him? Am I realy Rubbish@poker? This hand has been bugging me all day.
Next one for everyone reading this nonsense, do you all think I'm only good for two and a half minutes in the sack? Come on people, it was a throw away line for comedic effect. I've even noticed people are now posting on other blogs feeling sorry for my Missus. Jeez, I can last at least four maybe even five if there's footie on the TV.
Would you spend it or hand it in?
Is this decent for online betting? Tiger to win US PGA 5/2, Roddick US Open 8/1? I've got £50 on it.
Is the only programme worth watching on TV; Two and a half men? Without Shameless, 24, Sopranos and the Wire, Television is absolutely shite. Is there something I'm missing? What do you all watch?
Am I a blog whore for putting up links to Amatays blog advertising enterprises? Will I rot in hell for aiding him in his quest for poker blog domination? How much does he actually get paid for all these Ads?
Finally, I'm halfway through writing a masterpiece about all the bloggers I read. Anyone want to read it?
Edit - big thanks to Rob "Animal" Price for his advice, took down a 197 runner, $10 rebuy. pot limit tourney on FT last night for $1485. Rubbish@poker my arse.


  1. Uh, yeah I want to read it. What a silly question.

  2. U dont give stack sizes which is often almost as important as the cards. Sounds like he wasnt that well stacked and at this level i would prob always bet and raise all my hands as people are more likely to chase anything. Flat call pre is fine but could reraise a large % of time too depending on how the game is playing and stacks. Flop at any level i would raise 90%+ here, monster flop so want a monster pot and dont forget the nuts in omaha can change quickly (here to 2nd nuts but paired board too). Anything from 0.8$ upwards is fine. If i dont raise the flop i prob dont raise the turn unless he bets more as wnna keep him in. If i dont raise the turn im never raising the river if he leads out for a pot bet. U prob only called by a better hand, nout wrong with flat callin the river in these situations especially if they have already bet the max which u would have bet if they had checked, no need to be greedy :) In my experience approximately 50% time they have the nuts or a nothing hand that cant call the reraise and 50% time they have 2nd/3rd/4th nut flush so u lose/gain nothing in long run by flatting it on end.

    Overall hand plays itself really though but at least if u raise the flop u can say u made them pay to get there :) which is always important in omaha. U should raise flop with same sort of hand even without a made straight eg AxKcQxJc on that sort of flop so by raising it shouldnt always mean u hav the nuts to the other players.

  3. Can't wait to read this masterpiece you speak of!

    Sorry you're catching flack for your endurance time in the bedroom. I took it as a joke.

    "Two and a Half Men" is good, but how much longer can it go on? Charlie will never get married, Alan will never find love, and that kid should be going off to college soon.

  4. I don't know where the 2 1/2 men comment trail started. But... I want a new kid on the show. I figure Charlie has to have one somewhere. Let Alan finally move out maybe to his mothers house. Charlie can live with the baby mama for a while. The show reminds me of the odd couple from the '70s. Same kinda jokes. Anyway..

    if you last 2 1/2 minutes, that is way longer than my hubby. Congratulations.

  5. Dude most of this was Greek to me. I watch Tori & Dean and Project Runway, so I suspect I'm no help to you at all on the TV front.

    Yes, the little football player getting ready to crush someone is my son. I'm so proud.

  6. Nice result rubbish, maybe you can teach me how to play Omaha properly!! ;o)
    Try "The Street"...cant remember which channel it is, might be BBC1

  7. I ABSOLUTELY agree on the Sopranos comment: since then I've never watched a series on tv that made me feel like getting up one morning and getting myself a gun ;)

    As for playing poker: I just stick to Texas Hold'em; less confusing for the blonde brain and more time to chat and distract people online

  8. Sorry about that. I even told a couple of people that it was two and a half seconds.

  9. Knowing when someone is bluffing is a matter of life and death in the jungle. That's why no human could ever bluff a gorilla. They never let me join the poker table in my circus days because they knew I'd clean up.

  10. Mate, are you going to Nottingham? Saw your comment on amatays blog. RTR forums seem to be knackered!

  11. nice score in the re-buy, was it 4-card-bingo ? but the omaha hand .... u were pwned :)
    linke me up or me no buy you a beer .... err you are going to the rTr meet in Nottingham ....



  12. I'll wanna have this challenge and I'd love to play with this. What a silly question....dude
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