Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Just fooking typical

Now I've got loads of free time I've decided to play loads of Poker and guess what, worst fooking run of my life. I must have had a 100 pocket pairs which haven't hit a set but all my opponents are hitting sets with alarming regularity. I've also bust out of more tourneys in the last two days with the best hand at the time of getting it all in, than I have over the course of the last year. Just fooking typical.
Spun £40 up to £720 over the weekend on a series of bets and put it all on Inter Milan on Sunday night. Rafa Benitez must be the worst manager in the history of the game. Just fooking typical.
Both my neighbours are relatively new and guess what, they've both got builders working on their houses whilst I'm at home all day trying to watch TV and play poker. Just fooking typical.
I've had to go into the City Centre a few times so I've been going on the bus. I fooking hate all this terrorist business. Years ago you could look at an unattended bag and think, I'm having that. Not now. Just fooking typical.
Anyway, I'm a bit worried about my Daughter. My Missus and I think she might be dyslexic. She asked if I could take her for a McDonalds today so I said I would if she could spell it. She said "fuck it I'll have a CKF instead".


  1. Maybe hold off on the poker until you're busy again and you're luck will change. Use the extra time on your daughter's disability.

    Can you get the good parking spaces with that one?

  2. He Welsh Guinness loving fish, just PM'd you at RTR, could you have a look and get back to me mate?



  3. Next time take her for a McTuckyHut.

    Keep attacking brother!!