Monday, 13 August 2012

Missing the Olympics

Yet again my best intentions of updating this blog went out the window for no apparent reason. Worst of all, I missed a post from Mo that he was going to be in Gods Country. Maybe next time.

Been watching the Olympics religiously and the GB team were incredible. The BBC weren't too shabby either. You can actually go on their Sport website and view any event until Jan 2013.

I think the best part of the coverage was the commentators. I only wish they would now revamp Match of the Day. Tell Lineker to fuck off and replace him with Claire Balding. Bye Bye John Motson hello Steve Cram and Brendan Foster (one day all commentators will be Geordie). Take Hanson, Lawrenson Shearer and Co out back and shoot them, bring in Michael Johnson, Denise Lewis and Colin Jackson. Christ, I might even stay in and watch that.

In other news I've started training again. Bought an Exercise bike and am currently up to 100 km a week. Still look fat as fuck though!


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