Saturday, 6 July 2013

3rd Test

If only I could have had a bet on someone missing a last minute kick. Oh well.

Every man and his dog is in uproar over Gatland dropping Brian O'Driscoll from the third test. I don't see where the problem is.

In the first two tests BOD has been penalised at the breakdown so much he has had to stay out of the rucks. He's also thrown two interception passes and in the last test he kicked away ball when the Lions were playing advantage which resulted in the Australians getting the ball back and ultimately scoring the winning try.

Had Roberts been fit I would imagine that BOD would have been in the first test and dropped for the second. I just hope that Jonathan Davies does something special to shut up the whingers.

Bets wise I'm going for the same as last week. Taking the draw at 20's with the handicap at Sky. Also on Folau to score first, this time, at 10's with Boylesport and also having a nibble on Lealilifano as man of the match at 16's on Ladbrokes.

Lets hope for another great game and hopefully the Lions come away, pride intact, today.


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