Monday, 26 January 2009


Really struggling today.

Went out at 11 ish yesterday morning and my local was absolutely heaving. It's quite a big Cardiff City pub and full of charachters who have followed City all their lives. Being a Gooner I kept a low profile although most of the boys know who I support.

Went to the game and it was bouncing in Ninian Park. Not sure if the atmosphere came across on the TV but it was electric. City should have scored a few in the first half and Arsenal cruised through the second half and probably could have stepped up a few gears if they had to.

Gutted at the end as I had a £20 double on 1-1 in that match and 'Pool v Everton.

Back in the pub and great news when Wasps lost to Castre meaning the Ospreys would definately qualify for the last eight in the Heineken Cup. A nice easy trip to Munster now awaits.

Poker wise I had a crap day on Saturday. Was up a few dollars and left the table so I could nip out the back garden for a smoke. When I sat back down I noticed the "are you sure you want to leave" box up, so sat back in the game. Lost three hands to the same guy all pretty sick. AK on an AK7 flop when he turned over 77. Then AQ on an Q23 flop when he turned over 23 and finally 1010 running into AA. The sooner I can deposit the better.

Thanks to everyone who made a comment on the last post. Anyone else who wants linking up, leave your address.

Been feeling rough all day and haven't been well since New Years Eve. By three o'clock I was struggling so bad I made an appointment to see the doctor. By five I'm sitting in her office and she takes one look at me and says "Mr Rubbish, you're going to have to stop masturbating". I look at her and ask "why", to which she replies "because I'm trying to examine you".



  1. Got to love poker when you're running like dog shit! I seem to have been on a massive downswing for the past couple of months, either that or I am a lot shitter than I initially thought I was!

  2. Thanks for the blog comment mate.Added your blog to my links.Gl at the tables...