Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Stuff I hate

First off stuff that has been pissing me off recently or more to the point, one person. Every morning I drive into work and listen to the Christian O'Connell (from now on referred to as COC) breakfast show on Absolute Radio. A couple of weeks ago he did this thing where he invited listeners to ring in with their favourite TV show theme music and the top 32 went into a World Cup play off to find the best. The usual shows featured, Only Fools and Horses, Benny Hill, Grandstand etc. Anyhow. COC keeps on going on about how people are telling him what a great idea this is and how unusual it is and he laps it up saying it's how his mind works. No it isn't you fucking COC, Loaded have been doing this stuff for years.
I can remember Loaded doing a World Cup of biscuits with the final ending up between a Bourbon and a Chocolate Digestive. They also did one for bottled beers with Magners doing quite well.
Now COC is running the top 100 songs of the decade and you would swear he thinks this is the most amazing idea ever. No it fucking isn't you fucking COC, just flick through the MTV channels and that's all they do. 100 best songs of the 80's, 100 best rock songs, 50 best R and B songs. All programmes on now.
As you can tell I fucking hate COC with a passion but the musics good.
Now on to other stuff.
I don't watch much TV has it's so predictable and shit. One programme I do like is N.C.I.S. which now has a spin off, N.C.I.S. L.A. FFS, doesn't anyone have a decent idea these days? Law and Order has about a 1000 spin offs as does Star trek. CSI has two, Stargate has one. Life on Mars was brilliant but they had to spoil it with Ashes to Ashes. Doctor Who has Torchwood and the Sarah Jane Chronicles and if my Daughter was still up she could probably name another couple of spin offs.
Every cop show has the same tried and tested routine. Depressed, alcoholic, divorced cop tracking down a serial killer. Fuck me, not even COC could manage a top five serial killers of the 2000's as we've only had two yet every TV show has one a week. If TV executives are going to recycle shows can't we have the Sweeney in Space. Now that would be worth watching.
One other thing that's really pissing me off is work. It's now got to the stage where I dream about it. Last night I dreamt I was in Amsterdam with a prostitute. It was the middle of the afternoon and we're walking back to an hotel and I apologise to her and say "I have to pop into work for a minute". So there I am walking around our shop floor with this Thai bird and I go up to our factory supervisor and ask "how many doors we made today Mark?". I then start introducing this girl to everyone and then tell my boss "I'm staying in the Ibis but you can get me on my mobile if there's any problems", before walking off with this lady of the night. What the fuck is that about?


  1. I can tell you are intelligent by the way you differentiate between program and programme.

    But nobody but an imbecile would nominate the grandstand tune for anything.

    Well, I guess it could be renamed as the imbecilic anthem.

  2. I hate top 100 anything, unless its top 100 reasons to love Rubbish's blog.

  3. Oh fuck, that dream was the scariest thing I've read in ages. Mainly because I've had similar dreams. I hate working.

  4. Agree with Mr.C, top 100's are just media fillers and pointless.

    At least I hope you got to the good stuff in your dream at the Ibis?! Gutted if you woke before that lol.

  5. What does it mean? You're overworked and feel guilty about looking at any women other than your wife, which is why you never got around to to actually doing anything (I have no doubt you'd have told us if you had).

    Just ask her - you'll see. I'll have cold compresses and bandages standing by when you're done.

  6. Heh. AND he's back.

    I got caught on that "100 hottest hotties of the 90's" once. Saw abs...never left. Suppose I'm a sucker for crap TV.

    Thai? HAHAHAHA.

  7. "Sweeney in Space"!!!
    I'd patent that idea.
    And quick.

  8. I don't watch NCIS, and have heard the spinoff is awful. I'm done with Law & Order, and now only enjoy CSI Miami, for reasons I can't explain.

    COC sounds like an asshole.

  9. ibis is an ok hotel, cud have been worse ;-)