Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Quick update

Big thanks to everyone who has posted me best wishes or sent an e-mail, glad to say all is well. I’ve had the all clear from the Doctor in a roundabout sort of way. All my blood tests came back showing that everything was functioning as it should. My chest X-ray wasn’t so good which is no surprise seeing as I’ve smoked since I was a kid. I’ve got the first stage of COPD which sounds bad but I’ve lucked out by having it diagnosed so early. Bottom line is give up smoking and live to a ripe old age, carry on smoking and I’ll be fucked by the time I reach my mid fifties.
So, gave up smoking last Thursday and apart from having to leave the pub at half time in the Wales v Scotland game on Saturday for a fag or risk throwing my pint glass through the TV screen, I’ve done quite well. Stupidly though, I feel like shit at the moment. Stinking cold, migraine, chesty cough. If I carry on like this I might have to start back.
Also received more good news last week when my Daughter got accepted into our preferred choice of Secondary Schools. Chuffed to bits with that and I’ve promised to take her shopping on the weekend for whatever she wants. I’m hoping she goes for a greyhound but I guess it will be a game for the Wii or Ds. Might have to make sure we go shopping at Crayford.
Twickenham was a good laugh the weekend before last. Thirteen of us had a stretch Limo from Cardiff and managed to go all of ten yards before the driver crashed. Some girl cut him up in this Mini and when he jumped out her boyfriend who was in the passenger seat followed suit and started squaring up to him. Thirteen ex Rugby players then got out and squared up to this gobby little shit who very quickly shut up and sat back in the car with his tail between his legs.
Had a monster session on the Saturday, starting off in London Welsh and ending up in our favourite Irish bar in Brentford. Sixteen hours of Guinness and Strongbow just about finished me off. Glad I didn’t have the blood tests on the day after that.
Not done much this week but will be starting back training soon so that I don’t become a fat bastard now I’ve quit smoking. Will also be looking in on all my favourite bloggers and Mo.


  1. Alright Rubbish...good to hear you got the all clear mate! Hang in there with the no smoking mate, you always cough and splutter like fook and feel like you catch everything going when you give up mate but its worth it....you saw what a picture of health I am mate, what more do you need to know??? ;-)

  2. Good new Rubbish !!! I Gave up NY Day mate and still coughing up shit. Say it works in 3, get past 3 days, then 3 weeks and 3 months to clear the body out. I seriously feel worse for it, but cracking on

  3. Glad yer ok. Keep up with the no smoking thing dude. You DO NOT want the alternative, it's a bad way to go out.

    btw, hoping for a greyhound... classic.

  4. Well done on giving up smoking. Ask the doctor if you can still smoke fragrant herbs with a hookah, preferably while watching a belly dance.

  5. Had to look COPD up & no wonder you are giving up the fags!! (gd luck with that,ive tried & i found it fkin impossible,big up to anyone who can!!)
    Take it easy fella.

  6. Glad to hear you are on the mend rubbish, bet Twickenham was better for us:)

  7. Just think of all the extra money you'll have to gamble with.

  8. Alright rubbish, Good news about the Doc's. My mrs has COPD which was only diagnosed after a couple of years of going to casualty and the doctors being told it was just ashtma. Now that shes on a new treatment (funky inhaler) she's loads better. no attacks or sleepless nights. Its very common here in south wales. I reckon its because of the steel werks in Port Talbot and the polution traveling up the coast. Give up smoking m8 (not that I can talk) and you should be fine. Our lungs apparently are the only organs that recover over time. Oh and don't spend hours googling it cause it reads much worse than it is :-)

  9. Ah, welcome to the Beginning Stages of COPD Club. I've been smoke free for two years now, and I STILL cough up crap in the morning, but not every day anymore and not nearly as much. But you know, I am SO glad I kicked that habit and the thought of smoking now makes me slightly ill. We were watching Casablanca on TV the other day, and all I could think of was how awful it was that everyone smoked like a fucking freight train - no wonder Bogie died of throat cancer.

    And I'm not a bit surprised about your daughter being accepted to the secondary school. Tell her I said "congratulations!!" Smart girl - but then she's your daughter.

  10. "and Mo"?

    What does that make me? Your pimp?!

    (glad you got the all clear mate, took a week off myself last week but had to stop by to see how you're doing)

  11. By the way I'm expecting you to come by later today because today's post will need your creative juices in the comments.