Saturday, 13 November 2010


I had this comment from JT regarding my previous post plus one.

Hi there!

I'm honoured that you consider me the 2nd greatest poker player from Wales, I guess that means you didn't see me play the world open last night on channel 5!

Regarding my latest business,, I feel there are a few issues I ought to clear up. Firstly, users are able to place bidbots which places their bids for them whilst they are playing online, sleeping or just don't want to manually place the bids. They are able to select how many bids to use and at what price for it to be triggered.

The users involved in last nights crazy battle spend a lot on image building so they do not face much resistance in future auctions. The winner in the auction you talked about was user rje8686 and although he paid over the rrp for this prize his reputation as a fearless bidder has made him thousands of dollars of profit which he himself has posted his results on the twoplustwo forums.

We are currently awarding all new signups with 10 dollars worth of free bids to try the site. Give it a go ;)

Best of luck,

John Tabatabai

I know a lot of people have put links up for this site, I have gone one step further and registered. I can also confirm that I have succesfully bid for 3 x Tournament tickets for Poker Stars (1 x $22 and 2 x $11) and paid the princely sum of $1.01 for the three of them. Two have been transferred into my Stars account allready and the third should be there today. $1.01 is the least you can bid for any item.
Normally if something looks to good to be true there's a catch. This time there isn't. Click this link
and look who won the $11 Stars ticket at the bottom of the page and for how much.
Played at the local casino last night in a £15 freezeout (misheard my mate, thought he said £50) and came 7/103 for £70. It's play like that which will always leave JT trailing in my wake as Wales' No. 1 :)
Hope this clears everything up John and I await that $1k you and Pud promised me.


  1. Nah Bidibot is wank. Proper steamy turd


  2. Positive as always, NoCash:)

  3. Saw JT on the telly the other night. Total fish.

  4. bidibot no catch? you pay per bid 1$ and then for the item! If that's no catch

  5. There's a bit of luck in getting your bid through on the most popular items for sure but some people are making a killing on there. Rje8686 posted on 2+2 that he's bought around $10k worth of poker stuff for $3k, I'd take that return all day long