Friday, 12 November 2010

Work life balance

I'm just about to finish two weeks of the most mind numbingly, repetitive, boring work I've ever done in my life and I've absolutely loved it. No deadlines. No people to manage. No bosses looking over your shoulder. No meetings to chair or attend. No customers to appease. It's been fucking great. If only the pay didn't reflect how shitty the job was I'd ask if I could do it full time.
Next week I'm working for Dave which should be a laugh. He's got about five properties on the go and they are all in various stages of not being anywhere near finished so that he can rent them out. I'm not sure what he thinks I'm going to be doing but I plan on doing a bit of painting and reading the papers all day. The best thing about working with Dave though is no Monday mornings or Friday afternoons. I sometimes wonder how the fucker makes any money at all.
My Sister in laws Fiftieth tomorrow which means I'm going to miss Wales v South Africa as we are going to some Rick Stein Restaurant for food. I will, of course, sit there scowling all day wishing I was sitting in the Millennium Stadium but the one good thing is her Son, my Nephew, has started playing Rugby so I'll probably sneak him into some bar to watch the game.
Going to the casino after work tonight for a £50 freezeout. Poker has been a bit up and down the last few weeks so I'm hoping for a decent placing.
Next week, my Missus and I have to take my Daughter and eight of her mates to see the Harry Potter film. I'm absolutely fucking estactic about it. Next Saturday though I'm off to Leurven in Belgium for a fiftieth birthday bash. Now why couldn't my Sister in law have her bash at the home of Stella?


  1. Taking NINE children to see Harry Potter? Oh dear. I don't envy you that. I can't wait to see it, but I'll hold out until it's been in the theatres a few days. Can't stand all the noise.

  2. I hope you do manage to watch the game live. The South Africans got smashed in this year's Tri-Nation, so Wales are in with a chance for once.

  3. Do I detect a note of sarcasm in the statement about the Harry Potter film?

  4. Best giving the kids eight large packets of crisps to watch the film with

  5. I can't think of anything I'd want to take 8 kids to.