Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Feeling urgh

Struggling at the moment with Man flu. Was supposed to go up my Mums who has been snowed in since the 17th but both me and the Daughter have been knocked for six. Obviously had to put in a Cricket metaphor with England retaining the Ashes down under.
Haven't done much this Xmas. Just the three of us on Xmas day although my Daughter does eat for Wales. Had a couple of mates over in the evening where we had a few beers and watched the Royle family. For those who haven't seen it then click the link below pronto. Best TV over Xmas by a mile. Without spoiling it I'll just give you one sample gag. Joe's wife Mary has died so he brings her urn over for Christmas dinner. Whilst they all reminisce about Mary someone brings up the time she won the fancy dress down the Feathers.

Jim: Yeah she made a great Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu.
Joe: Actually she went as Shaun Wright Phillips.

You can watch the whole episode here

Right, off to give my Daughter a kicking on Mario Kart. Later.


  1. They must be confused about the costumes that footballers and bishops wear.

  2. Gorilla, both are general tossers who pray on the young so give them some credit IMO! :o)

  3. Still recovering from Man-Cold myself, and a sore thumb from too much Super Mario Galaxy 2.

  4. Hi guys,
    Had galaxy 2 as well but couldn't be arsed learning a new game. Hey Pud, SWP speaks highly of you though.

  5. Happy New Year. All the best. I am writing out some harsh NY resolutions!

  6. All the best for the New Year mate. Hope you get over than man-flu in time!



  7. Sorry you've been under the weather, Rubbish. Hope you and your daughter are feeling well soon and have a lovely New Years.

    P.S. - Mario Kart is possibly the best game ever invented.

  8. Sorry for laughing at your pain, so I gave you one of my weekly awards which you can collect if you like.

    Hope 2011 is much much better!

  9. Lol at Royal family, quality viewing fella!!