Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Feeling urgh

Struggling at the moment with Man flu. Was supposed to go up my Mums who has been snowed in since the 17th but both me and the Daughter have been knocked for six. Obviously had to put in a Cricket metaphor with England retaining the Ashes down under.
Haven't done much this Xmas. Just the three of us on Xmas day although my Daughter does eat for Wales. Had a couple of mates over in the evening where we had a few beers and watched the Royle family. For those who haven't seen it then click the link below pronto. Best TV over Xmas by a mile. Without spoiling it I'll just give you one sample gag. Joe's wife Mary has died so he brings her urn over for Christmas dinner. Whilst they all reminisce about Mary someone brings up the time she won the fancy dress down the Feathers.

Jim: Yeah she made a great Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu.
Joe: Actually she went as Shaun Wright Phillips.

You can watch the whole episode here

Right, off to give my Daughter a kicking on Mario Kart. Later.

Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Xmas

Hope you and yours have a great Christmas and a superb 2011. All the best and catch you all soon.
By the way, I'm on twitter now, rubbish2407, if you fancy an endless stream of crap.

Monday, 6 December 2010


Dave's Missus is ill so I'm stuck in the house with not alot to do.
Done most of my Xmas shopping on Amazon but still need to sort out a few things. Trying to get myself a new mobile but no one can tell me when my contract runs out? O2 and Carphone Warehouse are real twats of the highest order.
I have been watching this today though and it really is worth watching episodes 61-65 if you like rooting for the underdog. It is a poker programme by the way so don't waste 200 minutes of your life if you can't stand poker.
Talking of poker I'm currently doing okay on the $6 SNG's on Full Tilt and made a few quid this last week or so. Not having to get up at 4.30am is helping. I'm pretty sure I was sub-consciously getting it in bad when playing late at night because I knew I had to get up early and therefore needed to get to bed. Not anymore though.
I'm also doing the last man standing challenge on Boylepoker where the winner gets a buy in to the Western Open in February. Not sure how I'm doing but I'm still in.
Also off to Bolton in Feb for the APAT team comp. Not going to play but will be railing the RTR fish.
Another trip next Year is to Blackpool for one of the monthly comps the Blackpool Circus Casino is running. I love Blackpool. I'm not sure if any of my American readers or worldwide readers for that matter are aware but Blackpool is an unique place. Blackpool on a Sunday morning is the only place on the planet where the Women have a higher sperm count than the Men. That's a fact that my Blackpool partner in crime, No Cash, will no doubt atest to.
My main trips next year though will be Rugby orientated. Off to Edinburgh, Rome and somewhere in France other than that shithole that is Paris for the Welsh games. Also off to Leuven for their Seven's tourney in May. Got the biggest fish in the pond coming down to Cardiff for the England match. I shouldn't really say that about him as he beat me 2-0 heads up the other night. Fucker. Unfortunately my trips fade into comparison when you look what this dirty fish is up to next year. Some people have all the luck but in his case it's all the skill to have made a living out of Poker.
Right, off to Carphone Warehouse to whinge like a good one until someone sorts me out a new phone.