Thursday, 24 March 2011


Out of work yet again.
Seems the Company I worked for have a container full of hard drives coming into the Country and they've been held up somewhere which means I have nothing to format. Shit happens.
Back to playing Poker allthough I do have to see a man about a job later. Probably going to work with Dave next week which should be fun.
Played Poker on Tuesday night at my local and some random guy sits down and asks if he can join in. As we had only just started and a few of the boys vaguely knew him we let him buy in. The game was self dealt and the first hand he deals he gets Aces! And so it went on. He hit flushes, full houses, everything you can imagine. Spookily though, only on his own deal. He also had the annoying habit of continually asking what denomination the coloured chips were. After about ten minutes it was obvious that he was fleecing us. I watched him like an hawk but couldn't work out if he was cheating or not. Normally we play until two in the morning but after this guy sat down we ended after the first game, which he won, at about ten thirty. After he leaves the Landlord says to one of the boys, "So, how did the magician do"?
Turns out the guy has a part time magic act and he specialises in, wait for it, CARD tricks. What a fucking wanker. It was just as well we found out after he left because if someone had mentioned that fact whilst he was playing I guess he would have had the shit kicked out of him. Hopefully he turns up next week where I'm sure he will have a warm welcome.
Wales play England in Footie on Saturday and latest news is Gareth Bale is out. Fucking great. Our one decent player is side lined. Looks like my 11-0 correct score bet for Wales is doomed but I just got 6-0, Bellamy first scorer bet matched at 1.8. Seems a massive price to me against a piss poor English team. Here's the latest betting for next England manager which could happen as early as Sunday.
David Beckham 10.7
Lord Stephen Fry 186.0
George Osborne 17.5%
Prince William 29.04
Jamie Oliver 250 calories
Colonel Gaddafi 4.2
Cheryl Cole 36/22/34
Sir Alan Sugar 1.6
Silvio Berlusconi 69
Chief Wiggum 911
My money is on Capello and Berlusconi doing a job swap next week.


  1. I'd put my money on Colonel Gaddafi. Good luck catching up with the magician.

  2. You bet Wales would beat England 6-0? What does 1.8 mean? 1.8 million to one?

  3. Hi guys. Could you imagine the Colonel in full uniform singing "God save the Queen". Something like that GB. For every £1 you get £1.80 back.

  4. The magician ay? I'm surprised you let him play as long as you did. He must be some sort of regular as the publican knows him. Wonder if he'll come back for a while though?

  5. If he comes back again, you can make the wanker disapear.

  6. Nice to see you Tennyson, long time away from the blog World? What you been up to?
    Kev, I would like nothing more than to catch him at it. So would all my mates I play with and a few of them are warm as toast. He would be pretty stupid to show his face again.

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  8. Blimey, that bloke must have some serious balls to cheat at poker. That, or he is stupid.

  9. Stupid I think mate. Good luck if you're playing today.