Saturday, 26 March 2011


Don't tell them I bought these three masterpieces for £1 at the local car boot sale.

I also bought these as well. Not sure if you can make them all out but there's a load of reading material so should keep me occupied for a while. Plus a few recent film releases which were £1 each.


  1. I'd pay someone a quid to take that Hellmuth one off my hands. Great buy otherwise :0)

  2. It's going to take more than that!

  3. Hi Tenmile, I've linked you up, thanks for leaving a comment.
    Rosie, haven't read it yet so I'll reserve judgement til later.
    Captain, decent film but Lock, Stock will always be my favourite Guy Richie film.
    JR, eh????

  4. NP

    Thank you. Link is now both ways. Enjoy your blog, and the all English Forum - when I can get there.

    Hoist a pint and enjoy.

  5. I liked Rock'n'Rolla too, expected it to be total gash but was pleasantly surprised. Can't really lose though for a quid though can you.


  6. Ugly Americans? *sniff*

    Awwww, I know you don't mean it... :P

  7. Hi Kev, was going to leave a comment on your blog (if you are flipyouforit) but can't for some reason. If you're not (flipyouforit) then thanks for dropping by.
    Jan, it's a good book actually about a guy who goes to the far east working for investment banks and eventually retires to Barbados at 28 years old or something stupid.

  8. I used to buy and find used books all the time. Then came the bedbugs....

    Never again.

    Nice finds tho :)

  9. Ugh - I just saw Salt in your photo - throw that pos at your worst enemy's balls, mostly what it's good for.

  10. NICE BUYS MATE! I thought I got a bargain waiting a month for a 6 quid mint copy of SS2 from America, found on amazon.

    Ta for the Omahahaha book btw landed safe n sound, have you read it? It looks untouched!!! :o)

  11. Blaargh, yeah watched it yesterday, pretty dire film.
    DoV, read it in one sitting and since then it's been stacked in the bookshelf. Decent read and opened my eyes to PLO.

  12. A quid! I know there is a bargain to be had at a 'booty,' but £1 for that lot harks back to 1991 car boot sale prices.