Sunday, 24 April 2011

Love car boot sales

The books were 50p each as were the DVD's other than the Sons of Anarchy series 1 which was £2 and the CD's were a couple of quid as well.
I was looking on Amazon and the Super System books sell for £12-£20 a pop and I've bought both of them for 80p!
The plumbing course is going ok but I've come to a grinding halt at the moment. They only send you one module at a time which has four assignments to complete. You can only submit one assignment at a time and you have to wait for a code which enables you to download the next assignment. I've finished all four assignments in the books but have only downloaded and had one marked. They will not send the next module out until all four have been marked so I'm sat here twiddling my thumbs waiting for the lecturers to get their arse into gear before I can get the next module.
Poker is going so so. Haven't reached 100 euros yet in the HUSNG attempt, agonisingly stuck at the 90 euro mark at the moment. Have had some sickening bad beats and also some huge suckouts. Worst one against was waking up with KK. Blinds were 25/50 and oppo raised to 150. I re raised to 400 and he snap calls. Flop 345 rainbow. I value bet and he pushes all in. I'm pot committed at this point so sigh and call guessing he has either A2 or a flopped set. He turns over 2c6d???? Are you fucking serious???
Anyhow, played the same guy a few times and I've schooled him since that hand!
Almost forgot, bought this as well:

I've seen the one of them eating their lunch before but never seen this one of them kipping. Serious love spuds the size of Lions those guys. I hung it above my Computer so that when I'm getting beat after beat I can look up and see how easy I've got it.



  1. So what have you learned about plumbing? Could you install a power shower?

  2. Mudwig, Okey doke
    GB, not yet mate, only on the basics so far. What does a Gorilla want with a power shower anyway?

  3. The picture!

    How'd you get pictures of Air Traffic Controllers in action?

  4. Ten, good one, another job I'd rather not do.

  5. Hi Capt. Die Hard is actually in a pile behind the ones I bought. Good spot though.