Tuesday, 19 April 2011

So bye bye Miss American pie

All American citizens are now banned from playing on-line Poker. Wow, just wow. So much for living the American dream. Amazingly their downfall is being attributed to one man. Step forward Mr Daniel Tzvetkoff, an Australian financial whiz kid rumored to be the Man behind the payment process scheme which has now backfired with spectacular results.
I must admit to being a little stupid here. What I can't get my brain around is how did Americans deposit on these sites and how did they get paid when they withdrew? The more I read the more I'm confused. Were Pokerstars, Full Tilt and AB really pretending to be pet shops and Golf ball suppliers?
Not only that but it also transpires that PokerStars were actually funding banks to process their American players deposits and withdrawls.
I intially thought this was all about taxing USA players on their winnings but it seems it has more to do with the three sites perpetrating a massive money laundering fraud. Full Tilt's traffic was reportedly down 48% on Sunday. Nice hand, good game, bye bye.
I sincerely hope all the USA players get their money back and are on the virtual felt sometime soon. Peace out.

Dwan: "Heard any more about Black Friday"?
Hellmuth: "No, who's starring in it"?

Meanwhile back at Rubbish Manor I managed a sixth last night for $100 and am trying to make a 1,000 Euros playing HUSNG's. Started off with 20 Euros and am currently up to 50. Will post some screen grabs later on.


  1. Heya Rubbish, very spiffy site you have here. Just wanted to give my two cents on this topic, if ya don't mind.

    The thing you have to remember is that there is a way around everything. Even things set in stone can crumble. So, basically someone, somewhere is going to find a back-door to deposit some winnings, even if they technically "can't".

    And on the topic of the major sites indictment. I've been noticing that people believe the sites will give up and give in to the governments demands. Which as it does sound like their only option. Full Tilt did mention that they believe online poker to be "Legal" and so I have my opinion that they may go another route. Even if they don't, I don't believe that the government courts and herrings will be done away with in less than a year.

    Sorry, that was a bit long winded. Nevertheless my opinion. Even though it wasn't asked :) Good luck on your poker ventures. Started my own blog myself www.the-poker-player.blogspot.com

    Any advice would be appreciated.



  2. Hi Farce,
    Linked you up mate. Best way to get traffic to your blog is to comment on other peoples blogs. Later.

  3. Sweet, good man.

    Nah, I was playing on Full Tilt at first, but now you can't even do freerolls anymore. So I moved on over to Players Only and got a No Deposit Bonus for good measure. :)

    Thanks again, peace.

  4. Isn't on-line gaming illegal in America? I seem to remember a gaming company losing a lot of business when its American sites were closed down.

  5. So far I have yet to make any deposits out of my bank account...so technically I haven't risked anything, so therefore not gambling...

    Ah loop-holes, there wondrous, no? :)

  6. Yeah it is GB but they've got around it by using all sorts of deceptions hence the money laundering charges.

  7. All that cash, I'm surprised it's taken this long for a scam to crop up.

  8. Rubbish... blaargh here in america... I have something really important you need to know, so I'll make it quick, as the DOJ is about to shut off our interne

  9. Hi Capt. It's been cropping up for several years. Surprised it's taken the American Govt. so long to get involved.
    Blaaargh, no shi

  10. Typical Australians, gotta ruin everything!!

  11. Hi Tennyson, never a truer word spoken mate.