Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Love car boot sales

The books were 50p each as were the DVD's other than the Sons of Anarchy series 1 which was £2 and the CD's were a couple of quid as well.
I was looking on Amazon and the Super System books sell for £12-£20 a pop and I've bought both of them for 80p!
The plumbing course is going ok but I've come to a grinding halt at the moment. They only send you one module at a time which has four assignments to complete. You can only submit one assignment at a time and you have to wait for a code which enables you to download the next assignment. I've finished all four assignments in the books but have only downloaded and had one marked. They will not send the next module out until all four have been marked so I'm sat here twiddling my thumbs waiting for the lecturers to get their arse into gear before I can get the next module.
Poker is going so so. Haven't reached 100 euros yet in the HUSNG attempt, agonisingly stuck at the 90 euro mark at the moment. Have had some sickening bad beats and also some huge suckouts. Worst one against was waking up with KK. Blinds were 25/50 and oppo raised to 150. I re raised to 400 and he snap calls. Flop 345 rainbow. I value bet and he pushes all in. I'm pot committed at this point so sigh and call guessing he has either A2 or a flopped set. He turns over 2c6d???? Are you fucking serious???
Anyhow, played the same guy a few times and I've schooled him since that hand!
Almost forgot, bought this as well:

I've seen the one of them eating their lunch before but never seen this one of them kipping. Serious love spuds the size of Lions those guys. I hung it above my Computer so that when I'm getting beat after beat I can look up and see how easy I've got it.


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

So bye bye Miss American pie

All American citizens are now banned from playing on-line Poker. Wow, just wow. So much for living the American dream. Amazingly their downfall is being attributed to one man. Step forward Mr Daniel Tzvetkoff, an Australian financial whiz kid rumored to be the Man behind the payment process scheme which has now backfired with spectacular results.
I must admit to being a little stupid here. What I can't get my brain around is how did Americans deposit on these sites and how did they get paid when they withdrew? The more I read the more I'm confused. Were Pokerstars, Full Tilt and AB really pretending to be pet shops and Golf ball suppliers?
Not only that but it also transpires that PokerStars were actually funding banks to process their American players deposits and withdrawls.
I intially thought this was all about taxing USA players on their winnings but it seems it has more to do with the three sites perpetrating a massive money laundering fraud. Full Tilt's traffic was reportedly down 48% on Sunday. Nice hand, good game, bye bye.
I sincerely hope all the USA players get their money back and are on the virtual felt sometime soon. Peace out.

Dwan: "Heard any more about Black Friday"?
Hellmuth: "No, who's starring in it"?

Meanwhile back at Rubbish Manor I managed a sixth last night for $100 and am trying to make a 1,000 Euros playing HUSNG's. Started off with 20 Euros and am currently up to 50. Will post some screen grabs later on.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Back to school

I've decided I need to do something productive with my life instead of fannying around on the poker tables and stumbling from one shitty job to another so I'm doing a computer course to become a Plumber.
My tutor reckons it will take 18 months, I'm hoping it will take a lot less. Got my first manual through a few days ago and have already read 200 odd pages of it and most made sense. It helps working with Dave who does a load of odd jobs for mates and I've picked up tons of shite off him.
Nipped down the car boot sale on Saturday and found these little bargains.

I've read the P J O'Rourke ones before but don't seem to have them in the house anymore? Haven't read any Michael Moore books so hope they're decent. Also, the Dandy Warhols CD surprised me. Most of the songs are nothing like "Bohemian like you" and I'm not particularly sure how to descrive them? The whole lot cost less than £7 which is a result.
And that brings us nicely into the nice little result I had on Saturday when I drew Ballabriggs in the National sweepstake at my local so had a cheeky tenner on him. Balla brought home the bacon for a nice few quid. Better news from that meeting can be found here . Hope and pray the young guy makes a full and speedy recovery.
Congratulations to my favourite fish Amatay who has somehow blackmailed his way into being a sponsored Pro. Even better news is Cos blagging a position as well. Could be a fun site to read over the coming months.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Busy few days

Went to the CIA on Thursday night to watch the Premier League Darts and what a fantastic night out. The atmosphere was akin to a Football match and when Phil "the power" Taylor and Barney went toe to toe it was awesome. Felt sorry for the Welsh guy, Webster, who got stuffed 8-1. I really think the occasion got to him. Bread of Heaven was being sung by the majority of the crowd and it felt like a Wales v England International. Here's a few photos.

As you can see we were quite high up. In fact we were as high up as you can get seeing as we had been given tickets to a box with a free bar. Lovely jubbly.

Next day I was playing Golf with a load of mates from my local. We usually play Christmas time but because of the snow we had to rearrange and this was the earliest we could all get together. I shot 32 points playing off 17, not bad seeing I haven't hit a ball for close on two years. Again a great laugh and quite a few beers afterwards.

Back in work next week for God knows how long.

Happy Mothers day to all my Mom readers, hope you have a nice relaxing one.