Monday, 16 April 2012

A few things to ponder

Wasn't sure if this was a bargain or not?

In fairness, if I had to describe my Mathematical ability in one word it would be fucking awful!

Just seen that Howard Webb has been put in charge of the FA Cup Final. Had £20 on Man Utd to win.

Was so drunk on Saturday I could have sworn a horse asked me if I was planning on driving home. Although now I think about it there might have been a policeman sitting on it. I was so pissed I tried to share a kebab with a tramp. Cheeky fucker told me to get my own.

After ending up in jail and getting bum fucked all night I couldn't help but think my next door neighbour takes playing Monopoly way too seriously.


  1. You funny old fart.

    Thanks for sharing your kebab with me though, it was sublime.

  2. Funny Post Mate, subscribed to ur blarg..!!