Monday, 23 November 2009

Not well

My Daughter's had the flu which now means my Wife and I have it.
Played the bloggerment last night but I had such a migraine I ended up bombing out in double quick time so that I could go back to bed.
Went to work today but was back home and in bed by 11.00am.
My birthday tomorrow and I'll be in bed all day again but not in a good way.
Back later in the week when I'm hopefully migraine, chesty cough, runny nose, free.
My Wife and Daughter have come up trumps with series 3 and 4 of the Sopranos. This has only reminded me of a previous post though about that sanctamonious twat Christian O 'Connell and the theme tune World Cup. I was driving into work two weeks ago and he is on about the Final which is between Knight Rider and the Professionals. What a fucking joke.
Where was the Sopranos? "Woke up this morning and got myself a gun". How cool is that for an opening line of a theme tune.
Also, Hawaii five O? I bet you're all humming that one in your head now? And Miami Vice? How are these not in the final?
And of course the best theme song ever. The Bannana splits. How the fuck isn't that the best one ever?
Anyhow, thanks for all the get well soon comments and Mo, your blog's fucked mate, Karma.


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  2. LOL sry about last post, was reading 2 blogs at once hahaha

    Get well soon :)

  3. Hope you & yours get better quick the mean time,stay indoors & keep your manky germs to yourself!!!!!

  4. sounds like time for some whiskey to me.

  5. Damn I forgot your birthday.

    *sips cup of tea and smiles to himself*

    But you're still on my Christmas card list, don't you worry.

  6. Ugh, sorry you're sick. Sam and I have been passing germs back and forth to each other for about 6 weeks now. Hope you feel a bit better for your birthday!

    P.S. Mo's comment made me laugh!

  7. Hope you get well big guy - is it the swine flu?

  8. You feeling a bit rubbish...rubbish? Enjoy the birthday mate! :)

  9. I LOVE the fact that you know the theme song to The Banana Splits.

    I hope you feel better soon, dear. It sucks that you'll be sick on your birthday.

  10. seeing as you're on your last fucking legs, thought someone had to at least attempt a write up, rubbish i know, but the best i could do at short notice !
    will you be back for scribe duties next week ....