Friday, 1 January 2010

New Years Eve, Wii fit and copious amounts of Port.

Had a total blast on New Years Eve and only now am I beginning to recover.
Went out in the afternoon for a couple with some mates who were grounded in the night and one other who flew to Egypt early this morning. We had a good laugh and I knew at least one of them would be out later in the evening.
Grabbed a Chinese on the way home, she wasn't happy, before watching Doctor Who.
Dave, his Missus and their little boy came over about half seven and we set the Wii fit up. If you haven't got one then I can only recommend you get your arse out to the shops tommorow and buy one. They're fucking awesome.
When you first set it up for someone to play on they have to enter their age and height. It then does a series of tests where you have to balance and keep these lines matched up on the screen. It's basically a coordination test. After this is complete it works out your Wii Fit age.
I'm seven years older than I should be and three stone overweight which is a load of bollocks. My eleven year old was the perfect weight but for some reason was thirty three? My Wife. to her horror and mine, is sixty. Daves Missus who is a fitness instructor and six monthe pregnant was exactly the right weight for her age which mortified her no end. Dave was thirteen years older than he is and obese. It was at this point that I pissed myself.
We then mucked about for a few hours whilst Dave and I downed two bottles of port and a few cans. There's one game on there where you have to run through a series of obstacles, a bit like Sonic or Mario, but you're the one doing all the running. I've been on this constantly and haven't got past six hundred metres yet but when you add up all the attempts I've had I've run about 7k which is 7k more than I would have this Xmas.
My Daughter and Wife have started petitioning for Hula Hoops to become an Olympic sport, they've been doing it so much. Dave's Missus was pretty awesome on most of the games. Dave was fucking shite which amused me no end.
Seriously, if you haven't got a Wii Fit then get one.
About tennish Daves Missus went home with the boy and my Missus who doesn't drink decided she wasn't going to bother coming out. Result.
Dave and I headed to our local for a few more. It was bouncing in there and a couple of the boys had managed to get passes for the evening. We grabbed a table and proceeded to drink Guinness and port chasers for the next few hours. I'm not sure what time I got home but I do remember having to knock my next door neighbours house, they were up, and get one of them to open my front door as I couldn't get the key in the lock. Totally wasted.
Oh well, another one over thank fuck.
winner, winner, chicken dinner.


  1. A pregnant woman who's brilliant at computer games and the perfect weight for her age? I'd like to see her picture.

  2. That's my mates girlfriend you're talking about GB. That said she is fit but the weight test didn't take into account she's six months gone.
    You got one of these?

  3. GL in 2010. Got to your blog through UKGatsbys 2009 awards. Any chance of a link up?

  4. Guinness & port chasers?? wonder you felt so shitty!! gl in 2010

  5. your wife doesn't drink? What the fuck do you two have in common?

  6. lol at couldn't get the key in the lock
    remember those days well!!!

  7. We haven't gotten a Wii Fit yet, and I'm not sure I want to find out that I'm 116 years old and have the body weight/tone of Jabba the Hut.

  8. Three stone overweight is the perfect weight, don't worry about it. You need to drink enough cider this year to maintain it.

  9. Ha ha . . . Waking the neighbours up to let you in pished cant!

    Glad you had a good one, roll on 2-10

  10. aye aye Rubbish...Happy New Year matey!! :)

  11. Mo, you can never drink enough cider.
    Jess, an 11 year old Daughter.
    Gavin, done.
    BBD, best Xmas drinks ever.
    Amateur, hasn't happened for a while.
    DOV, hasn't happened for a while.
    Mr O, Straight back at you mate.
    Jan, I'm sure that's not the case, get yourself one they're superb.

  12. My sister has the wii fit plus and I nearly pissed myself laughing at us all trying to do the fucking hula hoops. Good fun.

    Good luck in 2010

  13. Rubbish, you need to enable your comments. Do it and I'll send you some unicorn steaks.