Monday, 25 January 2010


Not sure what's wrong with me at the moment. Got home at four on Friday afternoon and went to bed for an hour. Woke up at eight on Saturday morning! Fell asleep in the afternoon for a few hours before going to bed early. Woke up a few times mainly because DoV was texting me about the RTR trip to Manchester. Slept for thirteen hours on Saturday night and then had a couple of more hours on Sunday afternoon. Went to bed last night about eleven to get up at five this morning. Out of sixty hours from when I left work on Friday to getting up on Monday morning I've slept for forty of them!!
I'm going to the Doctors tomorrow for a check up.
Stupidly, I don't feel ill, just listless. I'm not stressed at work. In fact it's one of the easiest jobs I've ever had and the pay isn't bad either. I'm not depressed, life's great. The family are all healthy so no worries there.
Really do not know what's wrong with me. Hopefully my Doctor will.
The WCBOOP kicks off tonight. I think most of the tournaments start at 10pm UK time which is a real pain especially since I could fall asleep on a chickens lip. There's a prize for best blog reports so I'm going to have a go for that as I haven't a chance of actually winning one of the tournaments the way my luck is going.
I've noticed a few other people are struggling on the virtual felt. I know what they're going through even though I only play for fun.
Will catch up with everyones blogs tomorrow if I'm awake long enough.

First break and I'm on $1400 chips with a 1000 still left. Had AK on a A9x flop. Got it all in against a guy with A7. Turn 9, leaving him one out. Yep, final Ace on the river for us to split the pot. Aaaaaaaaaargh.

2nd break and I'm on £3k, 343 left. Doubled up when my KK hit. Landed on Dales table and was chatting to him at the time on his live feed. Limped with AK and hit an ace on the flop. He said good luck and bet $500, I went all in and he folded before calling me all the twats going.

And out in 305th when my KQ on a KQx flop runs into KK.

Off to bed for another 5 hours kip.



  1. Maybe your wife is poisoning you. Just a thought, probably nothing though.

  2. Hmm it's possible the voodoo doll I made of you and placed in a little bed is now taking effect...

    Seriously, hope you feel back to your crazy self quickly.

  3. Sleeping sickness ftw! Yeah Dale came to my table for a bit...feckin jinxed me ;-)

  4. How is the quality of your sleep? Have you been getting enough sleep prior to the weekend nap-fest?

    Maybe you're pregnant?

    Make sure to have the doctor check that possibility out. :P