Monday, 15 March 2010

Dublin 2010

Another weekend in Dublin, another hangover from hell. Actually that's not true as I couldn't afford to get that drunk. Since Ireland have joined the Euro the prices have gone through the roof. Almost £8 a pint in most places which came as a shock.
Croke Park was pretty cool though even if Wales threw away another game. Lee Byrne was lucky not to get red carded and we conceded another two trys whilst down to 14 men.
Not sure when I'll go back to Dublin again. I used to go maybe three or four times a year but with the prices now I don't think I'll be going anytime soon.
I can remember when I first went and there were 40,000 Welsh fans there. That's pretty impressive when you take into account that there's only 3,000,000 people in Wales. Over 1% of the population going on the piss for a weekend to watch a Rugby match. Just to put that in perspective that would be the equivalent of England taking 750,000 people to Paris to watch a Footie match or America taking 4,500,000 people to Canada to watch the Ice Hockey. I'm guessing there wasn't even 10,000 Welsh out in Ireland this year.
Not much else been happening recently. Work is stupidly busy. Dave's missus had a baby girl last week so we've had a few beers to wet her head. Haven't done much else. Still sleeping like an hamster and still off the fags. Four weeks and counting.
Will catch up with everyone this week.


  1. 4 weeks without a fag!! Nice one fella,i cant manage 4 hours!! Keep it up.


  2. Very glad to hear you're still off the fags. Whatever the final score, the Welsh will always have the best anthem.

  3. You know that "fag" has an entirely different slang meaning over here, don't you? Americans who happened to stumble on your blog might be inclined to congratulate you for the wrong reason.

    Although I congratulate you for the right one - good for you! I know how damn hard it is to stop.

  4. I know what fag means over there and I'll be damned if I'M quitting. Best of luck to you anyway. If I quit smoking I'll murder someone.

  5. $12 not $20, but jeebus, that's still waaaaay too much.

    And good on the fags. It's time you left them alone, there were a lot of red, sore arses that needed time to heal.

  6. 8 quid a pint? Are you serious? Bloody hell, you could buy a couple of hamsters for that.

  7. cool blog, add me plz matey ;-]

  8. The Euro's killed Ireland for us Brits mate! Great nights out once upon at time, but the cost doesn't justify it anymore.

    Now Newcastle!! That's a different story ;o)