Monday, 12 April 2010

I'm still alive honest.

Been missing in action for awhile now so just a quick post to promise to be on here a lot more in the coming weeks.
Work has been rediculously busy and I've just been so knackered I haven't bothered coming on here at all.
Poker has been non existant and I haven't played in two or three months. Of course this level of activty has been great practice for the RTR meet up in Newcastle next month.
Gambling was going great until two weeks ago when I lost £700 in three days. I then managed to claw most of ths back until I layed Tiger for a top five finish in the Masters and then suffered watching him luck out over four days to finish fourth and lose me another £500. I did have the winner of the National though for a few quid.
Apart from Newcastle I've got a stag weekend in May to somewhere as yet not decided or London if Cardiff City making the play off final.
I've also got two weddings and a Christening on the horizon. Basically, nice and quiet then for the next month.
It was my Mums birthday last week and whilst out shopping with my nipper she talked me into buying the Outnumbered series 1 DVD for her. Absolutely awesome if you've never watched it. Also been gettng super competitive on Mario Kart with her and we spent nine hours one Saturday racng each other much to my Wifes disgust.
Anyhow, got to get up in five hours so need to get some sleep. Hope everyone is okay and will be trawling your blogs over the next few days. Catch you all later.


  1. When it comes to Mario Kart, there is no family. It's all about winning.

  2. I was starting to worry that you didn't love me any more.

  3. HE LIVES!!! Hooray!!!

    Mario Kart is one of the most violent video games on the market today. At least it is when MY kids are playing it - hiring a referee and cut man wouldn't be out of line.

  4. Mario Cart. Agreed. I'm bad at not letting the kid win anyway, but when it comes to Mario Cart I'm brutal.


    Nice to see you . . . to see you . . ahhh I forget the last bit!?

    Roll on Newcastle and a nice long Bank hols weekend mate!!! Most of all the poking!!!

  6. £700 is pocket money- dont worry about it. tiger for the masterssss? come on- was never gonna happen he has been to busy banging broads rather than getting ready for his golf. great blog- my first comment- loving the mum on the mario kart.

  7. Just make sure you don't gamble your beer money. Wouldn't want to see you spend of your life sober.

  8. Captain - exactly, take no prisoners
    Mo - no comment
    Jan - I'm worried my Daughter will grow up thinking that's the correct way to drive
    Ally - never let them get the upper hand, never
    DoV - can't wait
    Donnie - layed him for top five so needed him to come sixth or worse. Can't believe how he kept on dragging himself back into it
    GB - sober, never

  9. I've only just caught the 'shitting on chest' post which certainly poses more questions that it answers!

    Good stuff as always mate