Monday, 14 June 2010

World Cup so far

So the greatest show is back and I'm not talking about Big Brother. Been watching the World Cup religiously and I have to say that the relentless droning on in the backround is really winding me up. Why dont Mark Lawrenson and Mick McCarthy just fuck off?
I was watching the Cameroon v Japan game this afternoon and Lawrenson said "This game is really dull". I was sat there thinking "the only thing dull about this game is you, you boring twat". He then starts ripping Japan to shreds about their negative tactics when Cameroon were playing Samuel Etoo on the right side of midfield. Hello, are you watching this you stupid fuckwit?
That said the BBC coverage is killing ITV at the moment. Quick question, can anyone understand a word Emanuel Adebayor says? Quite disappointed with his ring tone as well.
I guess my first memory of the World Cup is 1974 and Johann Cruyff. Holland were awesome but West Germany had Der Bomber and Der Kaiser in their ranks. Gerd Muller poached ten goals and Germany won on home soil. I think my favourite team of all was the Brazil team of 82 with Socrates, Falcao, Zico, Junior, Serginho and Eder. Eder scored a couple of incredible goals including an outrageous chip against Scotland I believe. My favourite though was a volley against Russia. You can see them on this link
Anyhow, poker going good, work going shite, betting going diabolical. Don't think I've had a winning bet yet. Could be worse though, my name could be Robert Green.


  1. lol, can't understand a fooking word

  2. They left out goal No.3 against Argentina by Junior. All 19 goals scored by the 1970 team are on this link.

  3. I do kind of feel for Robert Green - even thought he claims he'll move on, it'll stay with him for the rest of his life. Anyways, so far the football has been slightly more negative - but you're right, we don't need people telling us when we can see for ourselves.

  4. I'm with Amatay - didn't understand much of this, but that's okay; it's worth visiting just to see you call someone a "boring twat" and "stupid fuckwit."

    "Fuckwit" is my new favorite word, I think...

  5. I know nothing about it all. Agree with Jan and Amatay. Just popping in to say Hello, etc.

    Twat is the best word ever.