Friday, 6 August 2010

Same old same old

I've written a few posts but haven't published them because I couldn't get my sample spreadsheets to line up properly. Basically, I'm starting a gambling campaign this season with a £1k starting bank which I'm hoping to turn into a sizeable amount by this time next year. If anyone can tell me how to post spreadsheets then leave a comment.
In other news I've been off work for a few days with my Daughter. We've spent two of them on Mario Kart where I absolutely stuffed her. I've taken all her pocket money teaching her PLO and now she's sulking and playing Super Mario on her own. Loser.
I've just joined Boyles Poker mainly because there's a few RTR guys going to the Dublin Poker Open in October. Played 2 MTT's coming 13th in one for peanuts. Was a bit gutting because I was chip leader and hadn't had one decent hand all the way through. Lost one big pot when my AJ spades on a A 10S 2S couldn't get home against A2. A King on the turn gave me outs with any K,Q,J,10 and a spade. FML.
I hope Aaron Ramsay makes a full recovery from his broken leg so that Cesc Fabregas can fuck off back to Spain. Rambo, even at 17, is better than Fabregas now and will be the best midfielder Arsenal have had since Liam Brady. You heard it here first.
We're off to Madeira in a couple of weeks. Don't know much about the place other than praying to God that your pilot has balls of steel.

Anyone been there? Does the landing look as bad as the photo? Is there anything to do there?
Got massive tooth ache at the moment and just realised that I haven't been to a dentist for 30 years!
On series 5 of the Sopranos which I kind of remember watching. Have series 6 to finish with which I definitely haven't watched. After that I'm all out of box sets to watch. Anyone got anything they can recommend?


  1. Dublin, wiiiii. Landing looks errr small. gl with that m8 :-)

  2. Kids get so bitchy when you school them in video games. And good luck with that landing. If he does miss, hopefully you cartwheel in and go out quick rather than drown slowly while nibbled on by sharks. You're welcome.

  3. start praying now !!
    i'm fine, works a drag, i'm to old to be lying on the settee wanking .... well, all day anyways :)
    as for jonesy, i wanna see the pics his bird put on facebook/twitter/where-ever .... by mistook !!

  4. Madeira-the landing is fine unless the weathers not great...then just dont lookout the window!Went there about a month ago - a quiet holiday but a great get away. Def do the catamarans from Funchal harbour - great dolphin watching. The basket chair ride is a total tourist is unique but not worth the money imo. The hop on hop off buses make a decent day out, as does wine tasting at Blandy's! I didnt manage to get to the casino (missus not a fan) but it looked alright! Loads of decent restaurants (esp italians) and the sea is def worth a dip!

  5. That runway looks pretty safe to me, but you could always wear a parachute and jump from 300 feet.

  6. Amatay - there's worse photos of that runway
    Cpt. You're a little ray of sunshine
    Dd - Which photos are they?
    Ross - Cheers mate the dolphins sound great
    Wedding - Cheers!
    GB - I'll take my chances in the plane

  7. Don't worry about the landing mate, they've used some dodgy "bat out of hell" camera lens to make that runway look longer than it is.

    As for excel, I'm assuming you've done the old goggling I mean Googling but will this do the trick?

  8. Fucking hell Mo, you're still alive. How's tricks mate? What you up to?

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  10. The runway looks a lot longer than the one at Corfu or Male in the Maldives, piece of piss. You'll panic for fuck all, you'll be inches away from the sea!

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