Friday, 28 August 2009

In other news

Bought Shameless seasons three and four off Amazon and season three was actually seasons one to three. I now have Seasons one and two twice (are you confused?). Well, if anyone wants seasons one and two drop me a line and I'll post them to you because that's the sort of guy I am.
Found out that I didn't win the Golf competition last week because it was the first gold leaf event I had entered this year and was inelligible to win. Really pissed off. Am teeing off in an hour and will be telling all and sundry exactly how I feel.
Had to put one of my cats down a few months ago and since then then other one wont come into the house for more than ten minutes at a time. I'm guessing it's shitting itself that I may take it down the vets and have it away. Because the weather is so shit I've got my mate to make it a kennel. I may post a picture soon.
My Wife and Daughter are back from Barcelona and they bought me a wicked Barca top. It's a polo shirt as opposed to a footie top but it's also a small as opposed to a medium. Bitches.
Having £100 on the following - Chelsea, Schalke, Spuds, Alkmaar and Real.
That's all.


  1. Hi i see from your profile you like poker maybe you would like the poker bankroll i am promoting on my blog.

  2. Alright mate.

    Shameless is class. LOL at the small Barca top! What are they getting at?

  3. Smart cat - he knows whose hands his life is in. :P

  4. Sigh. I remember golfing. I'm pretty sure I liked it.

  5. Guess you won some money from the Chelsea game this weekend? The Blues rarely disappoints :)

  6. From what I've heard a cat living in a kennel is the first sign of feline madness. Maybe you should take it too see a cat shrink.

  7. I played golf on our beach trip this weekend. It was awful.

    Ok, so it was put-put. But it was still awful!

  8. oooh Shameless Season 2 you say?]
    I've been Hooked since my last trip to London and I found that my friends stop everything to sit and watch this show. Hilarious stuff!
    I just finished one and am in desperate need of 2.