Wednesday, 12 August 2009

This week again incl. Thursday

I’ve got another three days off with my Daughter so here’s what we did today.

Went for breakfast in our new favourite café. I had a wicked full breakfast and she had a bacon and cheese toasty. Both were superb.

Mucked about in the house for a while doing the dishes, washing the floors, playing connect 4 for money before heading down to the Mega bowl for a game of ten pin bowling. I have to say that my Daughter isn’t too bad and with two rounds to go she was beating me by three points. It was at this stage that I did what any Father would do. I started sledging her.

For all the USA Moms who read this and might not be familiar with the term “sledging”, it’s normally used in Cricket by fielders trying to put the Batsmen off. It can be quite funny or can result in a punch up but is mostly in good humour. Needless to say, mine nearly resulted in me and my ten year old Daughter brawling in the middle of Mega bowl.

It started off with a “you’re just like your Mother when it comes to sport, crap” and was followed by a few “you lucky so and so” before ending up with an in your face “I’ll bet you a years pocket money you can’t hit that pin down”.

The pressure was mounting, my Daughter strode forward with one pin to hit, I hissed and in the instant before she released the ball reminded her that this was for £250. She stopped, gave me a look that could stop a buffalo in its tracks (learnt from her Mother) and rolled the ball down the lane. It took an eternity, veering from one side to another. Or so it seemed, with me willing it to miss. It didn’t. She ended up with a strike and a spare to win by fucking loads. What everyone was thinking has my Daughter did the most elaborate winners dance down the aisle, God only knows. I just sat there, hands in head, bemoaning my luck.

How the fuck can you lose £250 to a ten year old playing ten pin bowling?

Anyhow, after she stopped gloating and texting her mates, I took her for a celebratory McDonalds.

Tomorrow we’re off to Porthcawl for a game of crazy Golf, double or quits of course.

Watch this space.


Change of plans, we went to Barry Island instead.

I cut a deal with my Daughter over breakfast this morning that I would give her £125 to take to Barcelona and play double or quits on the other £125. Like the fool that she is, she agreed.

We pitched up at Barry Island at dinner time and headed straight to a chip shop. Fish and chips twice, freshly caught and cooked so the guy behind the counter reckoned, £12.

“You’re having a fucking laugh aren’t you”, I politely enquired? He wasn’t. They were nice though.

Strolled up to the crazy golf place and the attendant obviously knew that this was a grudge match worthy of a Ryder Cup when I pulled out my Ping belly putter and a Pro V1 ball. My Daughter was stuck with a £2 putter and a 2p ball. Advantage moi.

Lined my first putt up and stroked it through a myriad of obstacles to five inches. My Daughter seven putted. I almost felt sorry for her but quickly remembered that I had forked out £500 for her and my Missus to fuck off to Barcelona without me and was giving her another £125 to blow on crap. Beat her by about 70 shots.

We then sat on the beach front for an hour or so before heading back to Cardiff. On the way home she reminded me that her and my Missus were off to Devon on Saturday for five days to see my Wife’s best mate.

“We need to get Sian something for her Birthday on Tuesday Dad.”

Stopped off in Marks and Spencer’s to pick up a few things. My Daughter then proved that she isn’t stupid by cajoling me into buying a few other things and before I could even blink an eye, I’m £200 out of pocket. I pity the poor sap that ends up marrying her.

Tomorrow we’re off up my Mums for the day. Should be relatively cheap and the only gambling we’ll be doing is when we take our lives in our hands eating whatever my Mum has burnt.

The Poker front has been two steps forward, one step back. I’ve been hovering on a $150 profit on Full Tilt for about two weeks. Highest has been $200, lowest about $50. In fairness I’m not having much luck, Getting great cards and shite flops. One good thing though is the $100 bonus they’re offering which I’m eating into very quickly. Ladbrokes is about the same. I’ve lost about £10 but earned 600 odd points. Don’t think there’s any chance of getting to Gold Status this month but all points carry forward and I’m on 1300 so far. If I can get to 2000 then I should manage it next month.

I noticed Pud gave me another mention in his blog and I tried to leave a comment but couldn’t for some reason. So, if you’re reading Pud, cheers mate and hopefully we’ll have that beer on the next RTR piss up. And if you’re a poker player and are not a member of RTR, then why fucking not. Check it out because there are some great trips being lined up, notably Amsterdam and Dublin. Obviously, there’s a lot more going on that that though so sign up and start reading the forums.

Thanks for reading my drivel once again and catch you all soon.


  1. I hope you made good on the bet. I hate people that can't pay off their debts. That was one of the funniest stories I've ever read.

  2. tell her I said, "nice going sister."

  3. Never underestimate a girl when there's £250 on the line; all she could see was dresses, shoes, stationary with cute boys etched on them and loads of candy flashing before her eyes: a motivation like no other

  4. ROFLMAO!! Good luck on the golf - you're going to owe her 500 before the day is over, you realize that don't you?

  5. If she beats you at Golf, you may aswell quit life.

  6. I don't suppose you're in the adoption market for a 20 something blonde?

  7. Thanks for the comments guys, hope you enjoy part two.

  8. "Beat her by about 70 shots." By far my favorite line, as I imagined you typing it with a completely smug look on your face.

    Your daughter is awesome!

  9. Playing connect 4 for money with your daughter. Love it. I'd expect nothing less.

    Well, I did go for Eduardo in my Telegraph team (a bargain) and he delivered.

  10. Left you an award on my blog. It's got a panda on it. I know it's not a whale...but that's still cool right?

  11. Good job you didnt go to Porthcawl :-) Being a local it's a 'kin shithole. I walked through the fair the other morning and it was like a stepping back into the 50's. Then on the way back back I poked my head around the door of the hi tide to see a few degens already on the gamblers. Lol finally a stroll through trecco to look at the fat people on mobility scooters. why these people don't go to spain is beyond me. If the sun comes out today, they'll all be outside the marine all pink and pissed.