Monday, 14 December 2009

Decembers Poker post - back to normality tomorrow

Been a decent weekend but could have been superb.
Played a load of PLO STT's on FT and cashed in 50% of them. Was up at 70% at one stage but had a few coolers. I've also satellited into a couple of the FTOP's events. Played the £50 PLO on Saturday night with $100k guaranteed.
Card dead for the first hour but managed to get a few hands after the first break. Got up to $27k and was going along nicely when I got involved in a hand I should have just folded.
Had JJ67 in the BB and first to act raised. Folded around to me so called. Flop came 8h9h10d. Checked and guy bets half pot so call. Turn is 4d and we both check. At this stage I've got him on AAxx possibly double suited and with two Jacks in my hand I'm thinking I'm ahead. River blanks and I check. He makes a shitty little half pot bet so I raise him all in. He insta calls with QQJJ. That crippled me and went out in 500th of 2300.
Played the Bloggerment last night, only a disappointing 13 others showed up. It never ceases to amaze me how one person just seems to run away with these. Last night it was Ter"Mair"nator who demolished the field. The tourney lasted 75 minutes which is a record. I bombed in 5th when my AQ was no match to Mairs 67. Mik was the funniest when his JJ was insta called with K10 for a K10X flop. You just knew that Mair could call with any two and hit. Heads up against her Hubby, Stan, it lasted one hand. Stan goes all in and Mair calls with complete air and hits a nut straight. It was Mairs birthday yesterday as well so congrats Hun, spend your winnings wisely because you wont run that good on Stars again for another six months.
I'm in another FTOP's event on Saturday so run good you twat one time. I'm also out on a works do on Friday so will be struggling big time.
Love works Xmas do's, big post coming up next which may or may not involve Copious amounts of alcohol, drunken fumblings, drug fuelled shennanigans in a lift, the drive of shame and threesomes.


  1. Ah, I'd wonder where you were playing online. If you ever win a seat at the WSOP, let me know - I'd fly out to Vegas to watch you play.

    I am SO looking forward to your next post. *grin*

  2. unlucky in the FTOPS mate. Best of luck in the others.

    sounds like you are on promise with that Jan.... :o)

  3. Unlucky mate...Omaha is a fuckin mystery to me. I might start playing it, cant be any worse at it that i am at nlh.

  4. "Love works Xmas do's"

    As I grapple with the apostrophes (the one that is there and the one that isn't) I have to wonder. Have you been at the ol' Strongbow?

  5. What is the bloggerment? keen to paly

  6. Hi Muscles, clink on the RTR link at the top right of this page and details of how to register are on the General Topics page I believe. While you're at it why not sign up? It's a great forum and most of the people who play are members.
    Dave, Mik can teach you.
    Mik, Jans no good for me. Have you read her blog? I'd be twenty five stone within three weeks.
    Jan, one day hopefully.
    Mo, How much you charging for English lessons then?

  7. Managed to register - will see you on there, musclesza is the name