Monday, 19 April 2010


A typical Monday.
Get up and hit the gym. Weights and then half hour on the running machine before a nice hot shower. My neighbour popped round earlier with a bottle of home brew, super strong, which I'll have this afternoon whilst watching a couple of DVD's. I've got a few spliffs already rolled for the Xbox tourney with the lads later on. After that I'll troll the gambling sites for an hour or so before watching some porn.

I fucking love prison!

Had that texted to me today and it would be funny if it wasn't so fucking true.
In the papers this morning is a story regarding Jon Venables. For anyone reading in the US of A who might not be aware, this guy perpetrated one of the worst crimes in living memory.
Along with his accomplice, Robert Thompson, they kidnapped and murdered a three year old boy. They were just ten years old at the time.
Now twenty seven, Jon Venables is back behind bars for downloading kiddie porn allthough I'm not sure you can call it prison. His cell is equipped with a flat screen HD TV, Nintendo game cube, gym equipment, music system, guitar, board games and a power shower.
What a fucking joke.
I could go on but I think I'll probably blow a gasket just thinking about the absurdity of it all.


  1. Is wanking allowed in prison? Some hobbies should be restricted to law-abiding citizens.

  2. The worst thing of all is the power shower. Hell, I have spent most of my life washing under what you can only call a "dripper". Once in Peru I was having an ice-cold shower and it wouldn't get warm. I didn't realise it was a dodgy "electric coil" shower, that supposedly heated the water by running a fat load of voltage through a coil round the pipe. I reached up to try and see what was wrong with the damn thing...


    They should install one of them in his cell.

  3. When I'm running the world he'll be able to keep all that, however, I'll also be throwing in a daily gang rape from some of his larger fellow prisoners.

  4. that is so sickening, I don't even know where to begin.

    On another note: Where the fuck have you been?!!! I missed you!

  5. Should have shot the twat, saved a fortune over the years!

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  7. Sadly just another additional thing wrong with this country. Human rights should be scrapped, the death penalty brought back (yes, they used to be mistakes but where there is absolutely no doubt and a crime is that bad, that person gives up all their own rights imo).

    And while were at it, Wales should be cut off from the rest of the world....That bit is just for fun mind, no reasoning behind it :-)


  8. And people wonder why I'm a proponent of capital punishment...

    It's nice to see you blogging, my friend.

  9. Totally agree with Cogs, on all points every one, if there is no doubt what so ever to the crime commited by the "fuckwits", no fucking about . . . Do to them what they did to people first, eye for an eye, then "orf with thar heads!!"

    Really winds me up!

  10. GB - so true
    Mo - that one winds me up as well. Why haven't I got a fucking power shower? Bastards.
    Capt. - I'd vote for you
    Jess - Yeah, think about it for long enough and your brain shuts down. I'm back and I'm working on a great story. I'll e-mail you a snippet when I'm nearly finished.
    Snake - I blame all you coppers. You should have killed the vermin before it got to court.
    Paul - I'll do it tomorrow
    Cogs - Any more blasphemy about God's country and you'll be the first one against the wall
    BBD - If only
    Jan - good to be back
    DoV - except when in Prague!

  11. Great text - the fact its so ironic is whats the most worrying!!