Thursday, 15 April 2010

Who decides these things?

Watched a remake of V the other night which was okay. I suppose if you are going to remake an entire series then, in this day and age, a Sci Fi series would be the one you'd go for. But surely there are better programmes that have been made which could be revamped?
I never really watched Blakes Seven but I remember reading reviews where they slated the programme because the sets were so wooden along with the acting. And what about Buck Rogers in the 25th Century? Or Logans run or the Twilight Zone? My favourite though for a remake would be the Man from UNCLE.
And what about films? I would love to see an updated version of Jack the Giant Killer. Don't know if you have ever seen it but it always used to be shown on New Years Day for some reason. I think the Sinbad movies would also look good if they were made now.
When I was a kid I used to read the 2000AD comic (sad I know). There was one series about how humans had killed all animals so used time travel to go back to prehistoric age to kill Dinosaurs and transport them back to present time for food. Now, that would be a good TV programme. Who decides these things?

Arsenal lost to Spuds yesterday, kinda thought they would. The worst thing about this though is Would Be and Joppa have shut down their blogs. Real shame this as I'm guessing there was a lot of banter amongst those two on MSN yesterday and today.
I've noticed quite a few people have shut their blogs down recently. Tennyson has disappeared. So has Madame Nikki. Shame as I really liked their blogs. There was also one called happily after ever by a South African girl which ended abruptly. I always fear the worse when something like that happens especially when they live somewhere as violent as South Africa. Hope she's okay.

Anyhow, got any good ideas for remake TV programmes or films?


  1. Twilight Zone enjoyed a brief revival as a new, first-run series in the 80s (as well as a feature film), and then there's the immensely popular remake of Battlestar Galactica. The Terminator franchise has spawned The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which Oldest Son says is excellent (and has, naturally, been canceled). I haven't seen the reworked V yet, although I was a fan of the original miniseries (the series itself was sort of so-so); we simply don't watch television any more, but I'll probably get it when it starts coming out on DVD.

    I was a HUGE fan of Blake's 7 when they started to show it on Public Television here in the States in the 80s. A remake of the series might be interesting, although I'd have a hard time accepting anyone besides Paul Darrow as Kerr Avon - the man made my heart just go pitter-patter.

    Right now The Young One is all up in arms over the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street. Mostly because Michael Bay is producing it. I'm of the mind that hey - at least he's not directing...

  2. OH - as for the Sinbad movies being remade, you know that they've remade Clash of the Titans, right? Ray Harryhausen did the stop-motion special effects for all of those films, which apparently translate beautifully in CGI. They should do Jason and the Argonauts next - it would be WAY cool.

    I'm sorry - didn't you know I was all nerdish this way?

  3. When i was a young lad i used to watch 'The Persuaders' with Roger Moore & Tony Curtis (i think!!)
    That could make quite a good remake imo!!

  4. Was replyin but got to long mate, so turned it into a post!!

    Enjoy Flamingo's when you meet Dave in Blackpool it's his fave place!

  5. I think they should do a remake of Morph and make him a huge cock

  6. Jan - wow, that one got you goung. Agree with Jason and the Argonauts though, that would be awesome now.
    DOV - have posted on yours, Jan, you should go and read it.
    BBD - some programmes should never be remade but that one could work.
    Highstack - interesting idea, maybe Speilberg and Hanks could get involved?

  7. Who would play Napoleon Solo? I can't imagine anyone but Robert Vaughan in that role.

  8. Most South Africans are on Twitter now. Much easier than a full-blown blog: "Hijacked again. Locked in the trunk #fuckit #sendhelp"

  9. Blakes Seven was about remaking that one when they were all on a moonbase and the space ships looked like little models you would get for Xmas...cant remember what it was called?