Saturday, 11 July 2009

Random rubbish

Seven pm on a Saturday night and I'm sitting in the house, watching Grand Designs, typing this crap. What has my life come to?
Actually my life's all good. Wife and ten year old Daughter are on a Girlies weekend in Bath. Yes, that's right, my Wife has taken my ten year old on a weekend away with her mates. Shopping this afternoon, nice meal tonight. Tomorrow they're off to a health spa. So. I'm home, kicking back and relaxing. Problem is there's fuck all worth watching on TV these days. No Footie, Rugby, Cricket or Golf now Setanta has gone tits up.
Played Golf today. Paid my entry fee for this competition and told the guy I play off 28. He smiled and told me a maximum handicap of 18 for this comp. Still hit 38 points but that was not good enough for a top ten finish. Had it been off full handicaps I would have walked it and been lynched in the bar after.
Might go to my local bar after. Be wrong to not have a few pints when the cats are away, right? Either that or I might go to the casino to see if there are any Poker tourneys on.
Poker Tourneys on-line have been fucked up recently. AK on a AAQ flop, guy goes all in. 22 left, top 20 paid. Been going for 4 and a bit hours. I call and he turns over QQ. That one really pissed me off.
Pissed off with work this week. Been really busy and I haven't had time to sneak off and watch the Ashes which is just around the corner from me. So much for a recession. We're looking at taking on more staff and because of the location of where our factory is, miles from nowhere, we can't get anybody.
Anybody been reading Joppas blog? Fucking brilliant. Best bit was when he posted the photo from his last but one post but that's now disappeared. Even better was when Would be posted it as well. That has disappeared as well though. I've linked them but there's something wrong with my link to JR's blog and it takes me ages to actually connect to be able to read it. The link is on the side of the page though so maybe you'll have better luck getting on it. They also mention Bossanovas blog and his on running lack of an affair with the Ginger one. She actually started off as a Strawberry Blonde. My mate went out with a girl who claimed she was a Strawberry Blonde. He got so fed up with it he took her to B & Q one day and stood her in the paint section and said "now point out a tin that has the colour Strawberry fucking Blonde on it". They didn't last long.
I didn't last long watching Grand Designs and am now watching the Tour de France. I've actually been to two stages of the Tour de France, one in Brive and another in Toulouse. Both times you stand about for hours and then a blaze of bikes come flying past you at about 60 mph which lasts for 20 seconds and then everyone fucks off saying what a great day they've had. Today's stage has a 20km run in with a decent from 1500 to 500 metres to finish with and is a real heart in mouth, hands over eyes, I can't believe how fast these fucking idiots are going TV moment.
Mo ment ioned (see what I did there) on his blog about people watching and how your first impression is usually wide of the mark. I am a perennial eavesdropper and one of the funniest I overheard was in a pub a few months ago. These two guys had pulled these two ropey women sitting next to us and when they go to the bar to buy them a drink the one girl turns to the other and says "I'm going to be in deep shit now, What if my husband finds out?" The other, not even blinking an eye, says "What about me, I'm pregnant!". My mate, who was also eavesdropping, spat his cider straight across the table, which kind of gave away the fact that we were listening to their chat.
Oh well, quick shower and off out.


  1. I was pressured into taking down the pic. Sigh.

  2. You're right, nothing worth watching. Can't wait till the football season starts again.

  3. I absolutely love random ramblings like that! And your eavesdropping paid off, in a most magnificent way!

  4. pity you've missed it, coz the Ashes has had a good start.

  5. You must be bored if you can watch the Tour de France on TV. Love your description of being there in person!

  6. Word verification? Seriously? No one does that anymore. Ask Mo.

  7. I couldn't watch the Tour de France. All that spandex just bothers me.

    You hit eavesdropping gold. Women are so sneaky.

  8. Wow..those girls really got in

  9. Do not fear the strawberry blond girls, awesomeness.

    Bad beat on the QQ you had there.

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