Wednesday, 29 July 2009


I'm playing poker in the front room last night and my Daughter is watching TV. She's flicking through the channels and the Simpsons is about to start. Clicking on the info button a message comes up with a description of the episode which was something like this:
Bart gets sentanced to three months juvenile detention where he befriends a girl called Ruby voiced by Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar.
My Daughter bursts out laughing and says to me;
"Look at that Dad, what a stupid name".
I look and say
"What, Sarah Michelle Gellar"?
"No", says my Daughter, "Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar".
After looking at her in bewilderment for a few seconds and realising she wasn't joking I pointed out to her that Sarah Michelle Gellar was the star of a TV programme called Buffy.
"But that's not what that says Dad, there's no punctuation between star and Sarah".
So I looked again and she was right.
"You should write to Virgin and complain" I told her and carried on with the poker whilst watching the Simpsons.
Get home from work tonight and first thing my Daughter says is;
"Well I wrote to them Dad".
"Wrote to whom" says I, confused?
"Virgin. Told them they should employ someone with a grasp of decent grammar".
I looked at my Missus who nodded in the affirmative.
"Yeah she has. She sent them an e-mail today".
Probably get an e-mail back from Richard Branson offering my Daughter a job as his PA now.
I've been playing poker on Ladbrokes this last week or so and the standard is dire. So next month I've decided to try to get to Gold status on there starting with £50. I managed to get 600 points this month and only played 1 table for about 10 hours in total. I need 3,000 points for Gold and 10,000 for VIP. The VIP scheme looks good, check out Soaps blog for the racing trip he went on courtesy of it. Would also like to run that £50 up to something decent before Xmas.
Off to Nottingham on Friday for a RTR meet up. Looking forward to it even though I'm still unsure as to where we are all sleeping. Entire wars have been planned quicker than this fucking trip. Personally, I blame super fish, Amatay. Feel sorry for Cogs who will probably end up sharing a bed with him.


  1. She doesn't maybe want to become president someday? Politics might make a lot more sense with someone having a brain and sense of good language captaining that ship ;)

  2. I have first dibs on your daughter should anything happen to you and your wife.

  3. Your daughter is brilliant. Takes after her mum right?

    I need to train my daughter in such ways.

  4. Probably for the best that she never catch sight of my blog. My punctuation might not be up to her high standards.

    Good for her!

  5. lol @ your daughter...Brilliant.

    Should be a good weekend mate, need women on the forum for some organising skills tho obv !! lol, ask your daughter to help for the next one by the sounds of it.


  6. Smart as a whip, that one! ;) Just like her... nevermind.

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