Friday, 4 September 2009

Random Rubbish

My Daughter started back to School yesterday, her last in Primary School, thank fuck. The last few weeks have been strange to say the least. She’s been having terrible nightmares where she’s gone to School on the first day and found that she’s had to sit on a table on her own. The poor little mite has been waking up crying and all sorts. I must admit it did start to worry me and it does tug at the old heart strings. Anyhow, first day was yesterday and she ended up on a table with her best mate. Unfortunately, she’s also on the same table as three boys which she now lovingly refers to as pigs.
All summer she’s been doing a project on big cats for her final year project. In fairness she’s had fuck all else to do has it’s been pissing down constantly. She turns up on her first day and hands it in. The teacher skims through it and then informs her that as it is her final year project she did in fact have all this year to complete it. Obviously she’s the only one who has done it bless her little cotton socks.
Off out tonight on a stag do. My mate and I started playing five a side a few years back with these guys who all played Rugby for a different club to ours. We've gotten quite friendly with them and now drink with them most weekends. We're all off for a "Gentlemans" do at their club tonight. I'm worried. There's only going to be two of us who haven't played for this club and therefore we're going to get some stick. Worse still, we're going to be on the stage at some point. Must remember to put clean boxers on.
Tomorrow we're having a drink around Cardiff. I'm going to have to try and get them down the bay at some point. There's a big poker tournament on at the Grosvenor and one of the poker bloggers who I avidly follow is down there. Rob "the Animal" Price is one of these guys who hardly ever blogs about anything other than Poker but I am gripped by his posts because of the amount of dosh he wins. The guy is a legend and it would be a shame, seeing as he is in Cardiff, to not bump into him and maybe have a beer.
I seem to have more American Mom readers now than Brit blokes so I'll big this blog up as well. Jessica at Bernthis has done a video for a company which if you visit will donate a dollar to an ovarian cancer charity. If you haven't read Bernthis then you're missing out on some funny stuff although her last two posts have been a bit eeeeeeeeeewwwwwww for us guys. She's also got some great videos of herself which I'm sure will have Amatay and JR reaching for the kleenex as they click on her link.
My favourite blogger Mo only posts once a week now because he's a sap and his Wife said if he posted anymore she'd cut his dick off. Without Mo's regular shite to read I've had to find someone else and luckily I stumbled across this blog. The Japing Ape writes some of the funniest stories I've read. Whenever I'm bored in work I jump on his blog and read his old posts. If you want a good laugh then he's your man.
Finally, one of the first bloggers I ever read and the biggest pervert on the planet is bragging on his latest post about winning his fifth Gatsby award. Well fish, your blog has been running for four years, mine has been going for seven months and I'm on my third (not that I'm competitive you understand). This time next year you'll be putting Ads up for me.


  1. Stage? Clean boxers? You're going to a strip club then? If they bring out a plastic sheep... just say no.

    He might very well be the biggest pervert on the planet. What with the two chicks making out in the corner and all. Lovely. ;)

  2. I have more Gatsby's than you two put together. Peasants, make an effort :-)

  3. What can I say? American moms enjoy some rubbish! Keep it up! *wink wink*

  4. *thwack*


    Mo kicks Rubbish into a dirty duck pond.

  5. Do I count as an American mom? I mean, I don't consider myself a "mommy blogger" (they usually have small children), but I am a mother, albeit a slightly used one, seeing as how I've got two grown children, one almost grown and I'm now officially in my *shudder* late 40s.

    I still like your Rubbish.