Thursday, 19 March 2009

Shock horror

Guess what, I do play poker occasionaly when there's a quiet time with no one updating their blogs. Had two, third place cashes in the $350 guaranteed and the Daily Full House for $51 and $132 respectively. Along with a few SNG's I've made £170 over the last two days. Might just cover Saturdays drink fest.
Wales v Ireland is always a sad time for me. My Dad was a massive Rugby fan and unfortunately he died in Dublin on a Rugby weekend. I will always remember his best mate Dai ringing my Mum to tell her. They had been on a tour of the Guinness brewery and my old man had sunk a few and decided to dive into a vat of the black stuff and drowned. My Mum asked Dai if he had gone quickly to which Dai replied "not really, he got out three tmes for a piss".
Don't think I'll be posting before Sunday so have a good one folks and I'll catch you later.
If you're bored check out Amatays comment on the last post, could keep some of you busy for a few hours.


  1. Well mate I'm never bored. Boredom is a thing of the past for me, and that's not a good thing, I would LOVE to be bored. I am fascinated by these little gambling-related posts. On the whole are you on the up? I have two friends who are big gamblers. One is a big online poker guy, mainly does tournaments, seems to walk away with a coupla grand every few weeks, and the otheris lucky if he makes 800 quid (profit) in a year. Anyway, hope you make enough to have a good weekend.

  2. Hi Mo,
    What does polyktonous mean?
    I am up but only play small stakes. I made about £10k last year but was a victim of identity fraud and had to withdraw it all until I got my money back.
    This year I haven't played much but will be getting more involved over the coming months.
    All the best.

  3. Mate I'm gonna be brutally honest with you.

    I don't know!!!!!

    I've been reading Belloc recently, The Path To Rome is one of my all time favourite books and reading it the second time I discovered the word.

    I googled it - I may be number one but the other hits are mostly quotes from The Path To Rome - but couldn't find the meaning, but the word has such a nice ring to it... I thought what the hell, I'll see who notices... far I have 19 comments on that post, and only two have queried the word, so looks like I nearly pulled it off!!

  4. Nice one. Your secrets safe with me.

  5. Lol Rubbish,started reading & fealing a tinge of sadness about the old man till i read on!!!!!

  6. Alright, I suppose I can take a freaking hint...
    I linked ya :)