Monday, 23 March 2009

Wasted weekend numero tres

Jeez, where to start.

Spent a fortune this weekend all in the pursuit of happiness.

There must have been a big crash somewhere in Cardiff on Friday night because my five minute journey to drop my Daughter off to ballet took 40 minutes. In the end I went to Tesco's to pick up some stuff for my Missus for Mothers day. She wanted a couple of DVD's and a brain train game for the Nintendo DS. Because my nipper was with me I also had to buy her something. £180 later I leave Tesco's with 4 shopping bags full of crap.

Saturday was superb until about seven in the evening. Had nipped into town early to get my Mum a watch and bought myself a nice little DKNY one. Also picked up a pair of Adidas Samba trainers, the only trainers worth having. Can't believe the price on some of the shit that passes as footwear these days. Quick haircut on the way home and then down the pub for 12.30. Couple of Guinness before off to a mates for a barbie. I think that was a first, sitting outside watching Rugby, sinking a few cold ones and stuffing my fat little face in March in Wales. Bus into town about 5 ish and got in the Stadium just before kick off. Electric atmosphere and high expectations along with £3.80 a pint. How the fuck do they get away with that. The game wasn't bad and contarary to Warren Gatlands claims that the Welsh hate the Irish, I was quite pleased for the Irish fans who have waited a lifetime to to witness a Grand Slam. Needless to say Cardiff was absolutely buzzing after the match with the Irish on fine form. The last I remember was my mate and I chatting to three Irish girls, two of whom were twins. Their birthday is today so I stumped up for two guinness and three Mojitos. £28 fucking pounds.

Went up my Mums yesterday for Mothers day. Most expensive one ever. She was picking up her new car on Saturday and when I talked to her on Friday she mentioned that she was only getting £2k for her old one in part exchange. As a throwaway line I said "don't bother, I'll buy it off you for that". She rings me Sunday morning and says "have you sorted your insurance out yet"? In my hungover stupour I'm thinking "what is she on about" before my brain clicks into gear and then I think "oh fuck"! So I sort out my insurance (£260), catch a train up to my Mums including taxi to the train station (£12), hand over (£2k) and am now the proud owner of a four year old, 15k on the clock, Ford Ka. Bollocks.

I suppose, when I sell my shit heap the Ka will have cost me £500 so I've got a bargain but it's still a fucking expensive weekend.

Lost $10 playing poker on Sunday night.



  1. Mate, I've only recently started coming here but..

    ...I love these little financially-focussed beer-featuring rambles of yours...

    ...I was just reminded of an old story.

    Some friends of mine when students went out on a full-on night out in Swansea. The next morning a policeman was knocking on the door.

    "Excuse me," he said, "I was informed that some lads were seen carrying a children's Postman Pat ride back here last night, it went missing from..."

    "That can't have been us," my friend replied, "have a look around." He genuinely believed they were innocent.

    The policeman came into the flat and found the Postman Pat ride (you know, the proper-bulky 20p-a-go musical things) was sitting in their living room!

  2. Ford You will be coming out the closet next. Still I cant talk with my manual choke 1989 Escort. Happy dayz!

    I was kind of hoping Wales could win. Don't really either.

  3. *Don't really know why either.

  4. Mo, used to love going out in Swansea. A few of my mates were in Uni there a long time ago. Mumbles mile used to be awesome on the weekend.
    Joppa, yeah every Ka I see is driven by a woman. And I'll tell you something else the pedals are really small and close together and I have size ten feet. Can't brake without hitting every pedal. Hate to say it but I'm an accident waiting to happen.
    Dani, hell yeah......

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  6. Reading this post wearing a fine pair of Sambas.Right up there with the legendary Silver Shadows...