Monday, 9 March 2009

Wasted weekend

I’d like to say it was wasted as in totally pissed all weekend but it wasn’t. It was wasted as in, did nothing?
Had a half day Friday and was going to play Golf but didn’t. Picked my Daughter up from school, took her to ballet, mooched about for a bit, went home, cooked dinner, went to bed.
Saturday, went to a car boot sale. Now I absolutely love car boot sales and can spend hours browsing around the stalls but I couldn’t be bothered this week. Bought four books, Jimmy Whites autobiography, Filth by Irvine Welsh, The world according to Clarkson and the Witches of Chiswick by Robert Rankin. Also bought a few DVD’s, the Matrix, Deep Blue Sea, Van Hesling, some Doctor Who DVD’S for my Daughter (and Missus who watches more children’s TV than my ten year old) and a Led Zeppelin on the rock trail DVD. In the afternoon I watched Wales win the Dubai sevens which was quite unexpected. Played some poker in the night and broke even.
Sunday, went up my Mums for dinner with my Daughter. My Missus was dead rough all day Sunday, throwing up everywhere and generally getting on my Daughter and my nerves. Why can’t women suffer in silence like us guys? Played some poker in the night and broke even again.
I’ve been playing on William Hills and have been entering these headhunter tournies. They aren’t for me. My MTT game is all about no risk early on and then total maniac once I’ve gone deep. I also played a £3 scalp tourney. Even though I final tabled in one and made the money in two more, I managed to make about £7. The scalp one summed up the entire weekend. I hadn’t read the rules beforehand because I registered with about two minutes left. I had been playing for one hour and twenty minutes when a little screen flashed up saying “congratulations for making the final table”. I had $20,000 in chips and was the shortie of the six left but the chip leader only had $50,000 so I was pretty confident of making a late charge. A quick check of the lobby showed that 170 had entered. Brilliant, guaranteed 6th of 170, how much was I looking at. That’s when I noticed there was no prize pool. You only won by taking scalps. Of the 164 people who had fallen by the wayside I had managed to knock out 2. Fucking 2. I had amassed the grand total of £5.40 and it had cost me £3.30 to enter. £2.10 profit for one hour and twenty minutes of grinding. What a fucking waste. I've had street urchins from Bombay e-mailing me all day taking the piss, £2.10 for one and a half hours work, pffft, I wouldn't get out of bed for that!!!
On to other business. When I have nothing to do my mind races. I suppose I’m quite creative and my imagination seems to have no bounds. I’ve actually started writing six books over the last twenty years but haven’t finished one of them (not quite true, read on). I get about ten chapters in and my brain goes off on another tangent and I start another. I’ve got one going about a bent cop who takes over Cardiff’s underworld. Unfortunately, I started watching the Shield and realised it was never going to be as good as that so gave up. There’s another about a serial killer who strikes at the Brecon Jazz festival. Sex, drugs, guns, Sex, murder, sex and Jools Holland. Got seven chapters in and gave up. That was eighteen years ago! One that I did finish is sitting, all typed up, in the attic of my ex girlfriends house. At least it was when I walked out for a pint of milk fourteen years ago. Never went back so not sure if it’s still there now, seriously doubt it. That was a comedy but can’t really remember what it was about. Anyhow, blah, blah, blah.
Was sat about all weekend, mind racing at a thousand miles an hour, body in total shutdown and came up with a story about all the bloggers I’ve been reading over the last few months. If anyone fancies reading it let me know and I’ll commit to writing it.


  1. Mate I would read it.

    Would I get a mention? Probably not...I mean, dang, why would I...

    With you on the book thing. Basically I get so bored just thinking about the plot or storyline it does my nut in to think about writing the damn thing.

    In fact, I so easily give up on a book (if I get bored why bother persevering?) That I coudn't face re-reading my own again and again. I would go mad.

    We tried to raise money last year at a car boot. Cost a fiver to get in. We made a tenner after two ours. Then it rained badly and everyone left. 5 measily quid to lug all our crap out to a field and back.

  2. Nice blog, I've linked you up if you'd like to return the favour

  3. Still working on it but will have something mid week. Have linked you up Red. Thanks for the comments.