Monday, 16 March 2009

Wasted weekend part deux

This time wasted means totally pissed.
Out on Friday for a few beers. Met up with a couple of mates about sevenish, got home about oneish. £40.
Car boot sale on Saturday morning with my Daughter. £20.
Out at one for the footie, first round £25. Watch Wales struggle against Italy and then Ireland v Scotland. Another £25 round. Then, as Wales had played Italy, off to the most expensive Italian I've been in. £50 a head, £35 of it on shite wine.
Get home at fuck knows what time.
£40 in Tescos on Sunday morning followed by Sunday lunch at a Harvesters which was another £40 for three of us. England v Wales down the pub and then the Celtic v Rangers game. Another £25. Poker in the evening plus a few beers in my other local. £25.
All in all reckon I've done well over £300 this weekend and all I have to show for it is another two chins. I could have flown to Rome, two nights in a hotel, ticket for the match and a shag and wouldn't have spent £300.
Worst still, next weekend is going to be even worse.
My ticket for the Wales v Ireland Championship decider is £75. There's at least ten of us out which means £30 rounds. Then there's food and rip off prices in the Stadium and a taxi home when I only live fifteen minutes walk from the centre of Cardiff. And even worse it's Mothers day.
Now I don't mind spending money on my dear old Mum and I've seen a nice watch I think she will like. A chain of high street jewellers were doing a two for one deal before Xmas so I bought my Missus and Daughter a couple of nice watches. I also had a 50% off voucher for the new year and has I need a new watch I reckon £100 will cover the both of us.
But having a ten year old means I have to buy my Missus a Mothers day present as well.
My Daughter asked her what she wanted and she said to get something for the garden. I'm thinking of digging a six foot hole and when she peers in cracking her over the head with a shovel.
I stopped off at a garden centre today and what a load of crap. Water features so shite and so expensive you would be better and cheaper off flying to Niagra Falls once a month. And don't get me started on the statues. Why are they all of animals? Frogs, Rabbits, Weasels??? I'd rather buy one of Kauto Star. Jeez, I'd rather get one of Frankie Dettori. He's only four foot fucking four so a life size one can't cost that much.
Anyhow, I seem to have picked up a few American Mom readers so what would you Ladies like for Mothers Day? I'm guessing you do have Mothers Day in America or did Bush start taxing it so you could invade the Christmas Islands? Come on Moms, give me some ideas and inspiration.
Won £2.60 today playing poker. So lucky I've got a second income from poker to subsidide all this spending.