Sunday, 29 March 2009

Worst spell ever

Just running so bad it's quite funny.
Have lost about thirty SNG's in a row and haven't cashed in an MTT all week.
Have lost every cash game I've been in and am currently 8 BB's down or $200.
Have lost every race I've been in and can't see how I'm going to win one.
Full Tilt is absolutely killing me. Played for three hours the other night and didn't have one PP.
Am giving up for a week and saving my money until I feel confident I might win a hand.
Am also feeling like shit at the moment and have a really big week in work. We have our year end stock check which I'm in charge of and I don't feel like doing fuck all. Spent all weekend in bed watching 24 series 6. Stupidly, I have 24 series 4 and 5 to watch which I haven't seen fully yet. Also have the Sopranos series 6 which I haven't seen as yet. I'm off the week after next which cannot come soon enough. Can see a massive DVD session coming on. I've also got the following DVD's which I've got from car boot sales which I haven't seen: Underworld 1 and 2, Van Helsing, Million Dollar baby, Deja Vu, Mean Machine and Be Cool.
Just watched Criminal Minds on Living which was quite a spooky episode. Thank fuck you can drive the length of Britain without having to stop off overnight in some shit hole Motel.
About ten years ago there was a top ten worst resorts to stay in. I'd been to seven of them including the entire top five. Funnily, the worst place I've been to wasn't on the list. I've written about the Dominican Republic before and that was pretty wild and Egypt was pretty shit but the worst place I went was Crete.
The place we stayed was okay and the beach was not bad but for some reason the locals just didn't take to us. It was something to do with one of the boys who they mistook for a Greek Cypriot or something. Every bar we went to or place to eat there would be trouble. The first night we were sat around a table in a bar, six of us, and the waiter walks up and slaps my mate around the back of the head. We were all sat there, mouths wide open, and he says "we don't serve his sort in here". Stupidly, my mate who they thught was Greek is called Dafydd Jones!!!! Anyhow, six Rugby playing guys aren't going to take that. Carnage. In fourteen days we had about twelve fights. By the end of the fortnight it was like coming out of prison. It got so bad, people wouldn't talk to us because they knew there would be trouble at the end of the night. I've been going abroad since I was sixteen and I can't remember getting in a brawl other than Crete.
Actually I've just thought of somewhere else but that wasn't with the locals. I was on a Rugby tour in Cyprus where we played the RAF and Army teams stationed there. My mate and I had sloped off with these two girls and were sitting in a bar when all these pissed up Football idiots came in. You know the type, tatoos, fat, Football shirts etc. One of them was giving it large saying to the girls "why don't you come over here with some real men" and all that crap. My mate, an open side flanker and not known for keeping a cool head, started to lose it and I could see it was all going to kick off and we were seriously out numbered. My mate is staring at the biggest and loudest of the twelve of them and they're all bouncing about calling us sheep shaggers when our entire squad walk in. Suddenly there's twelve of them and twenty eight of us. My mate drags the biggest wanker out the back and kicks fuck out of him while the other eleven just sit there saying fuck all. He walks back in and offers the next one outside who declines as does every other one of them. I just sit there pissing myself laughing. The manager of the bar bought us drinks all night after the louts walked off with their tails between their legs. Must have cost him a fortune. Had a great shag at the end of the night as well.


  1. Million Dollar Baby is a very good film.

  2. Dafydd the Cypriot...that made me smile, as did the final scene, and it makes sense, the rugby squad should kick the ass of the football squad anyway.

  3. Have a good week away from poker mate, come back refreshed and raring to spin your bank roll up.

  4. Enjoy the rest
    and hammer it when you get back