Monday, 25 May 2009

I'm officially a bandit

I've just joined a Golf Club after a few years away from the game. I was quite decent in my teens and had a single figure handicap. I've played three times this year and put cards in for pretty crap scores. I'd been striking the ball well but my chipping and putting were abysmal. Went to the club on Saturday and found they had given me a 28 handicap. Took an eight on the first and on the second discovered my ball was out of bounds and couldn't be bothered to walk back to the tee so scratched the hole. Then played the next seven holes to one and the back nine to four. Two blobs on my card and I still managed fifty points. Playing in the monthly medal next week and cannot see how I can fail to do anything other than win.
I'm going to get lynched.
Talking of Golf, missed a trick this week when my mate who is a Golf Journo told me that Casey was looking good and to get some money on him. Had two really busy days in work and totaly forgot. By the time I looked on Friday night he was 2/1, started at 16's. Oh well.
Commiserations to UK Gatsby, Soap and Team Dobbs after Newcastle were relegated yesterday. Four Managers in one Season tells it's own story I suppose and if ever there was a way to not run a club then Mike Ashley should write the book.
Where there are losers though there are also winners and LittleAcornman is probably recovering today after Rangers won the League in dramatic fashion. Congratulations fella.
Had a good day on Saturday. Went out early, had a few beers then watched the Heineken Cup Final. Headed into Cardiff after and got slaughtered. Spent yesterday recovering and watching sport. Stayed away from the tables has I'm going through one of those spells where I can't win a race. Might fire up a few hands later.
Last two episodes of 24 are on tonight. Will Jack die? Can't see it somehow.
If Dani C is reading, what the fuck is happening with your blog? Can't get on it at all. Have you changed your URL or something? Let me know.


  1. Mate you'll get that handicap down in no time I'm sure. What you really want is to get that handicap down in the same speed Newcastle fell this season...

  2. Cheers mate.Still feeling Champion!