Saturday, 30 May 2009

Week from hell

This week has been absolute murder.
We had an audit in work which I had to do all the leg work for. Ended up working 12 hour days and then going straight to bed because I was fucked. The auditor came in yesterday and spent about three hours going through everything. Finally, about half four, she says "well everything seems fine. In fact, this is the best place I've been to in a long time". Huge sigh of relief from me and straight down the pub. Bump into my mate who is all dressed up and as soon as I see him I remember his missus Dad died last week and it was his funeral. End up getting totally bladdered.
Played golf this morning and scored 48 points. Worst thing was I played quite crap. I even managed to four putt one hole.
Couldn't believe how poor Man Utd were on Wednesday. If anyone can explain to me how Anderson is in that team then now is a good time.
Would quite like to see Everton lift the cup today. Not sure how much of it I'll see though as the Lions opener is on at two.
Just going to cut the grass then off out on the piss. Meeting up with a couple of boys who have talked me into going to Liverpool in a couple of weeks time for a stag do. We're off to Aintree on the Friday night so anyone with a couple of tips fire them this way.
Will hopefully have a bit more time on my hands this week so will drop in on everyones blog to see what's happening.


  1. United were poor, Anderson sucks, well done for cutting the grass. One of my wedding vows was never to cut the grass. I'm kidding, but it is pretty much a vow...

  2. That does sound like a crap week. Sorry to hear it.

    Will it make things better if I tell you that I just noticed your profile picture and about fell off my chair laughing? That's an effing riot, Rubbish!!

  3. By the way, I feel guilty calling you 'Rubbish' when I've only just met you. Usually I prefer to know a person much better than this before I start calling them names like Rubbish.

    I'd offer to use a shorter version of your name to save myself the emotional stress.... but I don't think calling you 'Rub' would be much better. *giggle*