Monday, 18 May 2009

My Deal with the Boss

You've probably seen a few of these write ups recently but I've actually seen these guys in action. So much so that I dropped them a line and they've paid me a few quid to write about my experience. Here it is.
A few weeks ago I was invited by my boss for a works Poker tournament. Being a Poker player and knowing that he knew this I half expected him to ask me to deal. Even more so when he told me that he had invited several big clients as well as a few of the movers and shakers from our sister companies. In fact, I was the lowest of the low there but my boss, being the competitive guy that he is, insisted that I was there to play and we were in shares. No pressure there.
My boss had hired three professional dealers and boy could they deal. Their fingers were faster than a blender and all their cards landed in precisely the same position every round. All the while the guys had a polite and authoritative demeanour which only increased the intensity at which everybody bet and played their cards.
There was about thirty of us and my boss bombed out pretty early. I made the final table as chip leader but two sick beats saw me go out in third for £600. He was made up with his share, even more so after we clinched a couple of contracts worth about £500,000.
After the night had ended and everyone was making their way to the
exit, I asked the boss where he knew the dealers from. It turned out
that one of the dealers used to work at a local casino for four years but only works freelance now as it pays a lot better. The boss didn’t know him personally but he had found him at short notice on a site called Dial A Dealer. I was interested and so took a closer look.
At , dealers and fun casino hire suppliers from all over the world list themselves and divulge their skills and experience to create a mini CV online that lets them get hired by clients around the world. All dealers are asked to provide their cost per hour and can also optionally talk about their additional services and list any awards for tournaments they have participated in.
Most have dealt in casinos and so are quite apt at most of the common
games like Poker, Black Jack, Texas Hold-em and non-card games like
Roulette. A fair few of the dealers on the site can bring all the
equipment like chips and decks with them for a fee and others can
arrange private parties or corporate events. The site is very easy to
use and hits all the necessary web two-point-zero buttons that we
expect from sites today.
To educate and inform readers, dedicates a section for
full length articles discussing in depth issues like how much to tip
dealers, how to spot a good dealer and where to get casino equipment
yourself. The blog section of the site keeps close contact with the
site’s users and dispenses valuable updates from the gaming industry
as well as industry information, trends, tips and advice.
My boss was rather pleased with himself that he found the site and the evening did go rather well, so I try to recommend it to as many of my friends in home and pub games and to players at the tables in my local casino. So I suppose that’s why I’m writing about it now! That and the wheelbarrow full of cash they are paying me!!!
Check it out yourself now at


  1. Awesome read. I was expecting to say that you totally won!

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