Saturday, 9 May 2009

Poker and bets

Been a pretty shit week off the tables but on them I've done okay. Five out of six cashes in MTT's with the best being a 2nd for $240. Was a bit gutted with second has the first hand of heads up was a QQ9 flop with me holding 910. Opponent bet $4k, I call. Turn Q. He bets another $4k and I go all in. He calls and turns over the other Q. Fucking typical.
I've also been playing $0.25/0.50 on Betfair and have won approximately $500 this week including MTT cashes. Spunked £100 of that away on the Footie when I had Sparta, Shakhter and Hamburg to win. Never bet on the UEFA Cup.
I've got Gossen in the Golf who is in contention. I've also had some on Angel at 15s. Can't see Cejka staying in front and Poulter could do anything. When I say anything I do mean that. I wouldn't even blink if he shanked one on the 17th today.
Had £40 on Anderlecht, Brescia, Dortmund, Hertha and Raith today. Fingers crossed.
Had a big one last Sunday for the Heineken Cup Semi. The Blues were dead and buried with twenty minutes to go but two late trys and Blair landing both conversions from the touchline meant extra time. Both teams played the extra twenty minutes on the half way line, not wanting to give anything away and we then had the absurdity that is penalty kicks.
Now, I've got no problem with a penalty shoot out in Football. It doesn't matter what position you play, you should be able to kick a ball. Not quite the same in Rugby though and when Martyn Williams, an open side and probably one of Wales' best players over the last five years, walked forward to take what turned out to be the decisive kick, my heart sank. Martyn Williams has probably not even taken a penalty before in his distinguished career, he probably hasn't kicked a ball for three years. He of course missed and Leicester won. Absolutely gutted.
At least one of our crew was happy has he had played for Leicester in the early nineties. Wanker.
Several ciders later and we bumped into a couple of mates. One of them told me a story which absolutely stunned me.
A few months ago I went to Glasgow on a stag weekend. The stag was a guy I knew quite well through Football although he wasn't one of the boys I would normally go on the piss with. He knew a few of my mates really well as they were from the same village. On the stag weekend he told us that he was going away for a month after the wedding. We all assumed he meant on a honeymoon. He actually went to the Priory. Turns out he has a really bad gambling problem. Worst still, he's been caught stealing from his Employers. His case goes to Crown Court this Summer and he's fully expected to go down for 2-5 years. I'm stunned because I have never seen him placing a bet. By all accounts he's done £200k. How the fuck can you lose that amount of money. Amazingly his wife knew all this before marrying him. I suppose he's got that going for him although Fuck knows what he'll do for a living when he gets out.


  1. Your Glasgow lad sounds crazy. 200k? I don't understand how you can lose that if you don't have it.

  2. He didn't have it Mo, he was nicking it from work. He was an Accountant, now he'll be lucky to be stacking shelves in Tescos. Or he will be when he gets out of jail.