Tuesday, 7 April 2009

I'm back

Jeez, has it really been a week since I last posted?
Been rough as fuck but like the good little soldier I am, I've struggled through. It hasn't helped that we've been really busy in work and I've had to work flat out. We had our year end stock check which I'm in charge of. It took four days to sort out but the good news was we posted our best ever variance figures. The bad news was I ended up not doing my own job for four days. I've spent the last five days catching up and now have the rest of the week off to spend with my little viper. Unfortunately, I had a phone call this afternoon and am now working on Friday and Saturday for the Blues. So much for a few days off.
Thursday is my Mums birthday and in a previous post I said about buying her something nice. Still haven't thought of anything yet. Come on Mums, give me a few ideas. In the same post I mentioned about watching a big Derby match. Well on Sunday I went to watch Cardiff v Swansea. Does that count?
It was actually an awesome day. My local opened at 7.30 a.m. and was heaving by eight. The game was quite eventful. Dodgy goal, even dodgier penalty, some moron hitting the ref with a coin. And that was just from a Cardiff perspective. Swansea in fairness out played Cardiff for large periods of the game and McCormacks penalty in stoppage time actually made it feel like a win. Back to the pub for a few more beers. Juventus let me down for a fair few quid but still picked up money with Man Utd grabbing a late one and Murray winning in straight sets. I finally ended up in another of my locals for poker night. Was so pissed I can't remember much other than going all in with 10s and someone turning over Ks. Cest la vie.
Haven't played a lot recently but will be having a few hours over the next few weeks. Also, haven't commented much on peoples blogs although I have been reading them in work when I've had a few minutes spare. Will be back to normal soon though and launching an all out attack on the caption comps which I always seem to come runner up in. Reckon there's an American bias and they wont let us Brits win.
Been reading Boss and Would Be's blogs about taking liberties in work. This is totally different but for some reason I thought of it as I was reading their posts. I was working in an office and there was one guy who was thick as shit. I'm not sure how he got a job there but he must have known someone. This one morning he says "I'm going down the shop does anyone want anything"? Realising I had no fags I said "get me 20 bensons but if they haven't got them I'll have anything". Ten minutes later he walks in and give me a Corned beef pasty. When I finally pick my jaw up off the floor I ask, not unreasonably, "what the fuck is this"? He looks at me as if I've just sprouted wings and says "they didn't have bensons and you said to buy you anything if they didn't". Amazingly, he isn't the stupidest twat I have had to work with but he's pretty high up the list.
Right, going to play a few hands whilst watching the footie.
All the best.