Monday, 1 June 2009


Went to a car boot sale yesterday as is my want and bought another book to add to my collection of thousands. I started reading it this afternoon when I got home from work and just finished it ten minutes ago. Cover to cover in three hours.
Normally I read a book over a couple of weeks because I get bored but not this one. The book in question? Cloughie - walking on water. What a superb read.
A few things struck me though, most notably, of all the years that I can remember seeing Cloughie on TV, I couldn't remember what Peter Taylor looked like. I can remember Forest winning the European Cup, twice. I can remember John Robertson looking like the least likely footballer the planet had ever seen. He still managed to win the European Cup, twice, setting up the winner in the first and scoring the winner in the second. I can remember Larry Lloyd and Martin O'Niell and Roy Keane and Peter Shilton and Archie Gemmill and Nigel Clough but I cannot remember Peter Taylor. Go figure.
There's a couple of great passages in the book and one amazing photo of the Sunderland team photo with Cloughie standing there with a pipe in his mouth.
There's a chapter about Sir Alex and how he hadn't managed to to retain the European Cup, something which rings true even more so now. And also how Roy Keane was probably Man Utd's greatest signing. Cannot help but feel that if he had been playing other than the fuckwit Anderson then United would have won.
All in all it's probably one of the best autobiographies I've read and I wouldn't put anyone off getting their hands on it.
Talking of good reads, was absolutely gutted to read Would Be's blog today where he says he's packing it in. There's a few blogs I read religiously and his is one of them. Hope he changes his mind.
Another blog I used to read all the time was Effin Moms blog but I'm fucked if I can get on it now. It appears to be the only page where I get an Internet connection problem. If you're reading Dani, what's happening?
Played a few MTT's recently with mixed results. Won a few for a few hundred $s and lost a few to rediculous bad beats. Worst was flopping a nut flush only for my opponent to hit runner runner aces to make quads. Shit happens though and I'm up for the weekend so might as well get on with it.
Finally, big thanks to my main commenter, Mad Mo, whom I'm sure would leave a comment if I only posted "fuck off". All the best Mo and some great reads on your last few blogs. Would leave a comment on yours but you get about a million from your legion of fans.


  1. Get a million? Don't let that stop you, I read every one and your sublime comments are one of my favourites.

    I can't remember what Peter Taylor looked like either. Or that dude that just got the Norwich job - can't remember his name right now but when heard it yesterday I realised that I knew who he was but could not picture him.

  2. It has been a while huh ?
    Sorry, I blame work and my stupid dumb ass hours.. :)
    That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it !!! lol

  3. Truth is, I'll read and enjoy just about anything that keeps me from working.

    That being said, car boot sale? Boot is English speak for trunk, right? I'd love to buy my books out of a trunk. It seems quite sketchy and fun.

  4. Mo sent me over with his eloquent love letter this morning. Now that I'm here I've got to say I don't understand a thing you're saying, but I recognize all the words as English.

    Maybe I need another cup of coffee...

  5. Nope. Didn't help. It's like you people are from a different country or something.

  6. What Captain Dumbass just said.

    You'll have to pardon us poor Americans - we don't speak English. Or, apparently, play football.

    Could we have another post about poo, please? Lacking that, I'd LOVE to hear your explanation for the oft repeated question, "How'd it get to be so late??"

  7. Apparently you have a whole different set of famous people. Or your talking athletes. Then I might not know them even if they were Americans.

    But I do like to read.

  8. Your friend Mo is quite a pal. He just sent you a flirty, silly, giggly redhead to stalk you. Hi. I'm Cora. How are ya?

  9. Hi folks,
    Car boot sales, where do I start? People load their cars up with junk they no longer want and sell them in markets. You can pick up DVD's, CD's, books, toys, clothes, ornaments, just about anything really. Quite handy if you like books or DVD's and you're only going to read or watch them once then put them on the shelf.
    Cloughie was a Football Manager similair suppose to Vince Lombardi. He was a tactical genius, ourspoken who oozed charisma. To others he was a smug bastard. His book is a great read but would mean nothing to anyone who doesn't like football.
    Captain, funny you should say that because there was a poll recently of the daftest Football quotes and Ian Rush who played for Liverpool went to Italy to play for a team called Juventus. He transferred back to England a year later and famously said that playing in Italy wad like playng in another country.
    Jan, I'll get back to you on that one.
    Cora, stalk away.

  10. If you liked Cloughie - Walking on Water, you'd love Provided You Don't Kiss Me - it's (yet) another Clough biog, written by a Nottingham Evening Post journalist. Best Cloughie book on the market!