Sunday, 19 April 2009

Another drunken weekend

Watched the Blues v Gloucester yesterday and what an awesome performance by Cardiff. Martyn Williams was again outstanding and deservedly picked up yet another man of the match award. I swear when that guy retires he can get pissed for a year on all the bubbly he's won as man of the match. Then watched Chelsea beat Arsenal which was a big disappointment. Crap game and Arsenal didn't look like they were that bothered to lose.
Ended up pissed as is the norm on most weekends. I've got two locals which are about 200 yards apart. In one a pint of Guinness is £2.80 and the other £2.25. The first one is a big Cardiff City pub and is heaving most nights. The latter is quite large, nice decor, does karaoke nights and all that crap and is empty five nights out of seven. Go figure. Anyhow, it was a fun night in the City pub. All the guys had gone to Preston where City had got stuffed 6-0 and all their wives had gone to Twickenham to watch the Blues. They both turned up at about the same time and all hell broke loose. All the guys sitting around the bar drowning their sorrows whilst all the women, pissed out of their heads, singing Rugby songs and generally taking the piss out of them. Great night.
Hungover, I headed to the car boot sale this morning, as is my want and had a browse. As I walked in I said to myself "do not buy any more fucking books, you've got about thirty which you haven't read yet". First stall, loads of autobiographies. I bought four. Fuck. I also got a few DVD's including Wild things which I'm watching as I type. Whatever happened to Neve Campbell?
Going out later with a few of the boys to wet one of their sons heads. He was born yesterday, six pounds four, name undecided. I remember his sister being born. Yet again we all went out and got pissed. Eventually we ended up in my mates house where I promptly crashed out on the settee. I woke up at 9.30 in the morning when I was supposed to have dropped my Daughter off at school at 8.30. The next morning when I take her to school, I'm walking through the play ground and there's a steady stream of people coming up to me saying things like "I'm glad your ok" and "good to see you're still alive." Eventually, one of the Dads comes up to me and pokes me in the ribs, laughing and says "still breathing then". I ask him "what's going on" and he tells me that the day before my Daughter was sitting in class, unusually quiet and the teacher asks her "what's the matter"? She then starts crying and blurts out that "my Daddy didn't come home last night and my Mammy said that he's probably lying dead in the gutter". Obviously this story then did the rounds and my name was mud for a few weeks. Luckily there's no school tomorrow so I don't have to worry about another rumour of my demise circulating.
My two biggest stalkers, sorry commenters Mo "mad dog" and Dani "mad cow" have been wishing me well on my latest win. As a big thank you for their continued support I've put a little bet on for them. £5 on Ronaldo to score first and Man Utd to win 1-0 at 22/1. If it wins get in touch and I'll post the winnings to you.
Off out to drink myself into oblivion.


  1. haha mate good to hear that there are still some active bloggers out there! I'll be sure to add you to my blogroll!

  2. Thats pretty funny mate....I can imagine the looks in the playground lol