Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Quick post as I stick my head above trenches yet again and go for another accumulator. Liverpool (Arsenal already resting a couple of players and I can see a few more being dropped for tonight), Real Madrid, Chelsea (big chance to put one over Everton), Man Utd, Barcelona and Cardiff City.
Don't read too much into Cardiffs 6-0 loss on the weekend. Spoke to some boys who were up there and they reckon that Cardiff were all over Preston in the first half. Preston had two shots on target which were heavily deflected and went in and McCormack missed a pen. Even winning six nil the Preston goalie had man of the match which says something, not sure what.
£30 to get £330 back.
Put a couple of fivers on for Mo and Dani quite early on Sunday prior to team news. What a shit starting eleven Man Utd picked. It comes to something when the three most recognisable Utd players were in Everton colours. Well pleased for Neville and Howard. Totally non plussed for Saha.
Gutted about the result in 90 minutes. When you pick 1st goalscorer, correct score bets they move onto the correct score if the player nominated doesn't start. Seems a stupid rule to me and I could have voided the bets prior to kick off but I was in a pub getting pissed. Maybe put another one on before the end of the season.
Will post a bit later.
Won $64 in an MTT last night. Third place in the $500 guaranteed on Betfair. Accumulator went down but will probably have a few picks later.